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How do I stop my cat from chewing on electrical cords?

I interpret the question, taken from a Google search, to ask how cat owners can stop their cat from chewing on electrical cables when they are not around to physically stop them. Occasionally my cat chews on my computer cable and I gentle stop him. That’s no problem.

Cat deterrent. Motion activited gas canister. Photo of canister: Amazon. Ilustration: PoC.

There seems to be three decent ways to stop a cat chewing on cables. Firstly you can cover the cable with a cord wrap. They’re very common and you can buy them online. A second way would be to cover the cable. What I mean is make it invisible or inaccessible. Or the protection could be a combination of the two. The cable could be covered from the plug to where it disappears under a sideboard or another piece of furniture.

A third way is recommended by Jackson Galaxy. He suggests a motion-sensitive canister. When your cat approaches a cable the canister emits an air blast which tells him he should not go there. You’ll then have to show him where he can go because Jackson says that every ‘no’ must have a ‘yes’.

These canisters can be used as a deterrent for any area of the house or object in the house or apartment. I’d make sure they are used with great sensitivity and discretion otherwise a cat’s home will become a hostile environment full of unpleasant noises and ejections of gas. We try and make the home feel safe and friendly for our cats. You don’t want to make a cat nervous and jumpy.

Is this cat punishment? I ask because cat punishment is a big NO NO. I don’t think it is cat punishment because a person is not delivering it. Punishment has to have someone on the end of it, delivering it. If the canister works automatically and autonomously as they do there is no one delivering the air blast. The cat will simply decide that she does not like that place and avoid it.

These devices are all over the internet including good ole Amazon. Personally I don’t like the idea of a machine frightening my cat even if it is not technically a form of punishment. However, if it saves a cat’s life it must be preferable to doing nothing about chewing cables.

Also personally, my cat has never chewed cables except when near me and the cables have been moving for some reason. I don’t think cats are normally attracted to chewing cables if they are static which is nearly always the case. Cats’ hunting response is triggered by movement.

I really don’t see this as a big cat guardianship problem but it must depend on the individual cat. Some might be obsessed with cable chewing.

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