How do I stop my cat from jumping on the table?

A question some cat owners ask is “How do I stop my cat from jumping on the table?” One answer is to remove items from the table. This technique is said to remove a cat’s desire to jump onto the table. If there is nothing on a table for a cat to get or play with then he won’t jump up. That is the theory. I suppose it may well work for a decent percentage of cats but each cat is an individual. I don’t believe the only reason all cats want to jump on a table is to knock something off it or play with an item.

Cat on a table
Cat on a table. Photo by The Marmot (Flickr)
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A lot of people will come up with a deterrent as a answer: put something on the table that puts the cat off. Smells and sounds come to mind but this is a form of punishment for doing something natural and it only makes the home less friendly for a cat. I think deterrents are to be avoided.

The answer is to cat-proof your home if you are concerned about furniture and household items (which actually works both ways as some items can be dangerous to a cat). I would doubt if cat lovers are sufficiently concerned about possessions to want to bother to cat-proof them (except for dangerous items like drugs). Also I am sure that only a relatively low percentage of domestic cats like to knock things off tables.

If a cat owner is concerned about their cat leaving paw marks on their table, as mentioned, leaving the table bare might help and what about putting on a table cloth when you are not at home? Or, as shown in the picture, provide a nice comfortable spot which she can use.

The reason why cats jump up is because they like to be high up for safety. It is inherent behaviour. Perhaps a good alternative such as a cat tree or condo is a sensible solution. There’d be no need to climb onto the table.

The absolute answer is not to worry about your table or possessions. Or get a cheap table 😉

33 thoughts on “How do I stop my cat from jumping on the table?”

  1. I can’t think of any reason why I would want to stop my cats from being on tables or counters.
    This is their home and, as I’ve always said, I’m grateful that they allow me to live here.

  2. I think it’s a height thing, the cat just wants to get as high as possible, I had a cat who used to sit on top of an open door, so give the cat something higher than the table to climb onto.


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