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How do kittens get worms?

Kittens get worms through their mother’s milk. During lactation dormant ascarid (roundworm) larvae are activated. They end up in the queen’s milk. Even if the mother has been effectively dewormed there may be a worm problem in the litter of kittens. The deworming treatments are incompletely effective against the worm larvae that are encysted in the tissue. The scientific name of the roundworm concerned is Toxocara cati. Roundworms are common in kittens. Kittens are less resistant and therefore can suffer from a heavy infestation. This can lead to death. If a kitten has fleas he could acquire the tapeworm parasite by swallowing the insect. The flea would have the immature tapeworm in its intestines. The flea acquires the tapeworm by eating tapeworm eggs. Always see your vet for advice when raising kittens.

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