How do you coax a new senior cat out of her hiding spot?

The question is quite a common one from anyone who has adopted a cat. In this case it refers to a senior cat brought home from a shelter. The first thing the cat probably does is to hide behind furniture. Their behaviour depends on their character.

How do you coax a new senior cat out of her hiding spot? Patience is the answer.
How do you coax a new senior cat out of her hiding spot? Patience is the answer. Image: MikeB.
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If they are a kitten, it might be under furniture. I am sure you’ll agree that it is normal as they suddenly find themselves in a strange place with strange people and strange sounds.

Set that scenario against the fact that domestic cats live in a land of giants as I mentioned years ago (a phrase that seems to have caught on) and they are anxious. They seek safety.

You give them time to get used to their new place. It might take a week for nervous cats but I’d expect a senior cat to gain sufficient confidence relatively quickly even if they are inherently timid.

Feed them where they are and provide a litter tray nearby. They’ll feed and poop at night and come out in due course at a time that suits them.

It is the old adage: patience will solve the problem. Food treats and a cat tease (feather on the end of a stick) will get them out eventually. Having gained a bit of confidence her/she will find it hard to resist a cat tease as cats instinctively chase and catch prey animals which the tease represents.

Tasty food treats placed nearby should be effective. It is an effective combo. But what coaxes cats out in the end is growing confidence that the place is okay and non-hostile plus a natural inquisitiveness. The food treats and play speeds up the process.

They key is patience on the side of the caregiver as mentioned. The pace of adjustment is always decided by the cat.

People tend to become impatient or they want to control the situation. This is a time when the cat controls the process if you want the start of her life in her new home to be successful. A good confident start is important as it is a good platform on which to build for the furture.

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