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How do you feel about an owner who surrenders her cat to a shelter due to holiday plans? — 15 Comments

  1. I persoinally travel a lot from Mumbai and as a bachelor the biggest liability has always been my two cats and previously my pet Alexandrne parakeet. I do manage to get my house-keeper look after my cats during my absence and agree that the greatest handicap in owning pets is their upkeep during the owners absence. sad to read of pet owners abandoning their cats just because of a vacation firmly realizing that their pets could be euthanized by the pet shelters.Sad to note that these owners treat their pets as commodities akin to fads with the least emotional attatchment.In old age which we all humans have to experience sometime in our lives if we have a long life then hope these same former pet owners wind up as destitutes in some remote “Health care cantre”.At least they would be kept alive unlike their pets whom they knowingly euthanized due to a inconvenience .If you can’t afford to maintain and care for a pet then please don’t own one

  2. I have a house full of cats. I haven’t taken a vacation or holiday in years. My family understands that if they want to see me, they will have to make the trip as I am homebound. And I am ok with that. I don’t particularly care for road trips anyhow…especially during the holidays.

  3. My cats are as important as any other family member. I would never betray them like that. Disgusting people, who give up a pet because of such absurd reasons. Hope karma gets them good.

  4. I think they should be added to a Do Not Adopt list, which is shared with all shelters and rescue groups so they can never adopt another animal.

  5. I don’t know how people can do that to their furbabies. People like that disgust me and are a disgrace to mankindand should never ever be allowed to have any animal mayno not kids either probably ship them too. My furbabies as my grandchildren and son and his wife are my life and I would never just drop or leave my furbabies alone. Just saying!!!

  6. Just ridiculous! People just don’t get that the cat is a MEMBER of the family. My cat was a valued member of our family from the time he was a little kitten until his untimely passing. He was very dear to me and my husband. When we went on holiday, we got a cat sitter. Now we take care of cats when their owners go away. Just plain sad. 🙁

    • A lot of people think like you Melanie. It amazes me that many, though, don’t and are able to surrender their cats like this. They can’t have any emotional connection with their cat. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  7. what? they probably let them run free to be killed by cars, probably dont vet them or feed them, they are the scum of the earth and should never be allowed to own a animal. dirt balls, maggots, scum of the earth.

  8. The people who surrender their cats under these circumstances cannot have the requisite commitment with respect to caring for a domestic cat and therefore should not be looking after a cat in the first place. I would expect them to be in a minority but their behavior is another example of irresponsible cat ownership which causes a lot of problems.

    Thanks for reporting on this Elisa. I have never heard of this sort of callousness before.

    • Michael, I agree with you 200%!!! In my place, my cats come FIRST!!! I would NEVER dream of even boarding them! They are my *kids*, along with my son , and I would rather be at home with them ANY day of the week!!

      I remembered reading a story about this, and I was infuriated!!! There aren’t enough words to accurately describe my feelings about this sort of thing.

      Excellent post Elisa!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!! ♥♥♥

      • Happy Christmas Diane. I am the same as you. I hate people who behave like this. It is chronic cat abuse and society should be much tougher on these people to force them to stop it.

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