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How do you make cat litter environmentally friendly? — 5 Comments

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  2. Our cats very rarely use cat litter as we have a patch of earth we dig over in the corner of our garden and they learned to go there as kittens.
    But when Ebony was very old we did use a lot of litter and just had to bag it up when dirty and it went away with the refuse men.
    Our ex ex neighbour used to put the solid bits from her 15 cats litter trays down the toilet and of course some litter went down too, she ended up with a blockage in her pipes lol
    But what about the waste from dogs? I’ve just walked down our back lane from town and counted 3 doggy poo bags hanging from trees, even though there are bins to put it in. Why pick it up then throw it in the trees? Most people do pick it up and put it in the bins, but I wonder where the council get rid of the contents of those bins? Also if a dog has diarrhoea, how can the owner clean it all up?
    Dogs are far more of a health hazard than cats who at least cover theirs up outside.

    • 3 doggy poo bags hanging from trees

      Disgusting and bizarre. You make a good point. Why don’t dogs use a litter tray! Just thinking aloud. I am bit of a fan of cats going to the toilet in the garden because it is more natural and the most environmentally friendly way for a cat to go to the toilet. That is my feeling.

      Do you remember the time when the idea of picking up dog poo was unheard of? It was all over parks etc.. It is only recently that people began to pick up dog poo. Shame some of them don’t know what to do with it…they put it in a tree……

      • Yes I agree it’s best for cats to have natural toilets if at all possible.
        I do remember the days when no one bothered picking up their dog poo, until it became law, horrible getting it on your shoes 🙁
        Yes it’s disgusting and bizarre to throw it in the trees, looks like a alternative Christmas decoration lol We know the culprit is one of those women everyone tries to avoid when they see her coming. I can’t stand her, she dares to say cats are ‘dirty’ and they ‘kill birds’ I used some very unladylike language the day I heard her say that lol She wears black leggings she never washes and a nose stud yuck and she’s 60 if a day! she has uncontrolled dogs, one day I hope she’ll be caught in the act and fined.

  3. This is a postscript. I have discovered that you can make your own cat litter, if there is the commitment and time. You use shredded newspaper, water and baking soda.

    I expect very few people make their own cat litter.

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