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How Domestic Cats Should Fight Dogs — 2 Comments

  1. My concern with this view is that it will now , once again, be the cats fault the dog mauled it.
    I watched one of those judge shows a while back and a neighbors dog dug under and attacked the old cat next door while it was in a fenced yard. They lost because the judges felt the owners knew their cat could have been in danger because of the dog next door. It was indeed one of the most insane meditations i have ever seen on one of these shows.

  2. Yes I agree. My cat Einstein goes right after big barking dogs. He’s a big cat but he’s old and would probably lose if they got into it, but the dogs never know that. They run away. I always watch him when he goes outside, but he’s so quick on the offense that he beats me to any dog that comes to the fence. He shamed two big dogs the other day. No fear. So yeah, he does the right thing. Most cats don’t, I think.

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