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How far from the cat litter tray do you find litter? — 11 Comments

  1. I agree with Dee– in Monty’s room it is everywhere. He makes a huge mess with it, digging in there. But I just watched him complete doing his business outside and he very neatly buried it with some soft dirt and leaves. No flinging of anything when he’s outside. Just inside in his litter box stuff goes flying everywhere. Maybe he’s bored and flinging litter around is fun.

      • Damon has the olympic gold here.
        He will kick out half a box around 2 1/2 yards if I’m not right there to stop him. Even then, he’ll move on to another box when my back is turned. He is such a character and busy, busy, busy every minute of every day. I’ve never had a cat like him.

  2. I love the photo of Charlie so unconcerned about the wood pellett he’d carried between his toes lol
    Walter and Jozef very rarely use the litter trays, it has to be a dire emergency, say if we are out, or in the night (but mostly one of us gets up in that case to let them out to their garden toilet incase they try to hold it rather than use the tray)
    But Ebony used the tray always as she grew old and she was very enthusiastic, she kicked litter everywhere lol She would only use one sort we had delivered from our local pet shop, she held us to ransom by threatening to use the hall carpet otherwise.

    • I’d like Charlie to go back to going outside but he is still nervous about the outdoors. One good point, I can check his poo! Helps me to check his health.

      He does not feel the huge pellet stuck between his toes. It is strange.

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