How feral cats behave when they are really close friends

“These two are great buddies. Will not separate when I trap them at the Colony in Crisis” – Tomcat Solutions

Cats who are very close friends

Cats who are very close friends. Screenshot from video.

Although the video lacks technical quality it is a high quality record of how feral cats behave when they are very close friends. I love to see this. The white cat sticks like glue to the gray-and-white as they walk. It seems to me that the white cat is the one who is smitten while the other is happy to be friends. Looking at it again both are fairly equal in their expressions of love for the other.

Their behavior is very like that of humans. Their friendship is palpable. It leaps off the page. Don’t ever tell me that ‘they are only cats’ or cats only act on instinct. They are feeling, sentient being in many ways like us. These are feral cats. They are looked down upon by many people who want to simply kill them to get rid of them. That is a bad attitude.
There is a beauty in this friendship. Fortunately there are many good people who appreciated the fact that these cats are sentient beings who demand our help. They were put in this situation by the carelessness of poeple. Under the difficulties of a life for these cats which is uncertain and sometimes on the edge, there is this close and beautiful friendship.

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