How good are AI generated cat pictures in Jan 2024?

I have stated the date because AI is improving all the time and pretty rapidly. I use the DALLE. E 2 AI computer ( sometimes to create cat images. It is useful to check the quality of cat images created by this platform.

I asked DALLE to create 2 images with these simple instructions:

  • ‘Large Maine Coon cat’
  • ‘Beautiful tabby cat sitting at a window’

The images are raw and ‘as is’ with no adjustments whatsoever except that the DALLE originals were in the region of 1.5 million bytes and in png format which I converted to WebP format; reducing the file size to around 250 kb.

Here are the resultant images:

“Large Maine Coon cat”
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Comment on the above: Good effort in terms of the anatomy but a failing. Nice square muzzle but the ears are too small and the lynx tips are hardly visible. There is a strange yellow/orange colour cast of the type you get when you take photos under tungsten lighting when the colour balance of the film or digital camera is not right for the high colour temperature lighting. Lastly there was no automatic need for DALLE to create a tabby Maine Coon. I did not ask for that coat type. The AI computer decided on it for itself perhaps because it is the most common.

“Beautiful tabby cat sitting at a window”.

Comment on this tabby cat picture: DALLE has created a tabby-and-white cat not a cat that should be pure tabby. And there is a green colour cast for some unknown reason. Not bad on anatomy again. The left ear (the ear on the right in the image) is a little cut off at the tip compared to the ear on the left-hand side. Other than that, a pretty good effort from the standpoint of anatomy. Photographically speaking there is no detail in the white area. In photographic language it is ‘burnt out’. This is another failing with the picture.

Both these images were meant to replicate a photograph by AI although I did not instruct DALLE to create a photographic image. DALLE decided to do that on its own accord.

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