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How I cured a fox of mange by hand feeding — 9 Comments

  1. I guess my concern for an outdoor cat might be that they would have confrontations with the foxes. If they’re hungry, they might be more likely to see the cat as a meal, but it probably wouldn’t be an easy one.

    Do you know of any fox attacks on domestic pets in your area?

    • A good point and a discussion topic which has come up in the past. Charlie, my former three legged cat was not intimidated by foxes and the foxes ignored him. At one time they were feet apart with Charlie hissing and the fox ignoring him!

      Foxes probably attack young or infirm cats but I believe that most able bodied adult cats are left alone because cats are pretty dangerous and foxes don’t want to be hurt as it will affect survival.

  2. Michael_You have always Loved animals and I can tell from your stories-comments and great up-close videos. Love you for that* Take care Eva_

  3. This is a beautiful picture of the fox, and a wonderful story about your helping her. It always feels so good to alleviate pain in animals and humans. Also, thank you for mentioning the homeopathic that you used.

    Do you live in the same place as you did with Charlie? Do you still see foxes or other wildlife around?

    • I have moved since the helping this fox. I am not far away. I still see foxes. But at that time there were more around. Every night she came and I fed every night even though the management of the apartments were against it.

      Some people in the condo hated disliked foxes. I have always loved them. They are very vulnerable.

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