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How I Give My Cat a Pill Using Favourite Foods — 13 Comments

  1. Most of my Cats are used to the Pills, I just followed what the vet does. Though there’s always one that wont take it. Tammy was horrible at getting to take Pills.

      • Exactly I think it depends on the Mood of the Cat., Ozzie was fine with it as long as i gave him lots of nice pats and reward. i.e He loves Whiskas Singles . I hate it when, the Vet gets them to have Pills.

  2. Good Article and Video. Sounds like a good idea. I got given a free can of dine in mail Box with the kitties have demolished down. Do you mean to say you tried the pill out first??Ur brave

    • Yes, I have tried giving a pill straight in the classic vet style but cats at home are less pliable than when in the vet’s clinic so it is a struggle. The method I show in the video is painless for me and my cat 😉

  3. I loved the way you gave Charlie the pills!

    Such a loving manner, and makes Charlie happy- which is the whole point to what we do.

  4. Hi Michael,
    Lovely video!

    We don’t have any problems giving our kitties pills. I start them very young getting used to it with a small piece of a brewers yeast tablet. I learned that trick from a friend a gazillion years ago and it sure has paid off.

    I have more problems with liquids-at times. If the taste isn’t appealing it’s all over the cat not IN the cat at times.

    • Very wise of you to train them to accept pills. I’m sure this is the answer. I am just fortunate that I have found a way of getting a pill into Charlie. If a cat is not trained to accept pills it depends on the individual cat whether he or she is going to cooperate or not. In general, as you know, cats resist being given a pill sometimes with great vigour and commitment!

  5. I was thinking the same, that chicken looked tasty (even to a veggie lol)
    Walter is very easy to dose, Jozef not so and we’ve hid his pills in chunky chicken before to make it more pleasant, but then he went off chicken before the course finished!

    • Maybe the pill smelled or tasted unpleasant. The pills I used don’t put Charlie off but a previous one did. Charlie stopped eating the chicken mid-course. I think it is about getting your vet to select an antibiotic that is taste/smell neutral or pleasant in taste.

  6. I enjoyed that, seeing you getting the pill ready and then Charlie doing his part in eating it was lovely. I’m glad you’ve found a way to dose him kindly, the M&S chicken looks very nice I bet our boys would like some of that.

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