How intelligent and energetic is your cat play?

How intelligent and energetic is your cat play? My cat is impressive on both counts. Here’s Gabriel playing:


I think the first part shows his intelligence and the second part his energy. Clearly, energy and interest are dependent on the age of the cat and Gabriel is around 4 months of age. This shows in his manic approach to chasing the laser pointer. Age is everything when it comes to play.

I was impressed with the way he prodded the squeaky toy in the video. He obviously knows where it is even though he can’t positively locate it, visually. As for the laser pointer, he asks me to get it out. He asks by crouching in one two different places in the apartment and looking at me ready and waiting. Or, he comes up to me and touches my arm accompanied by a trademark squeak. He has not yet learned to meow. I don’t know why. I am waiting for a bona fide feline meow.

Do cats learn to speak to people and when does that learning process finish?

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