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How Intelligent Are Cats? — 5 Comments

  1. It is both sad and funny that scientists are unable to prove the intelligence of cats. I think it is obvious that these “scientists” never spent any time at all with cats other than in the lab. Every cat guardian knows that cats ONLY cooperate when it is convenient for them to do so. Knowing that, the tests should be created around the cats’ desire to participate in the experiment. Maybe then, we will hear the scientific community praise the feline intellect.

  2. Intelligence is subjective, but scientists love using humans as the standard by which other species are measured.

    Cats may have performed badly compared to infants in the hidden object tests, but then children (aged 3-5 yrs) fail miserably in comparison to crows, when faced with self-control tests.

    Some animal species have learned to make/use tools, but this is because their teeth and claws are incapable of breaking open those nuts or shellfish which form a part of their natural diet. I can’t think of anything in a cat or dog’s natural diet which would require the use of tools.

    Evolution and environment are key factors for the development of intelligence and physical skills. Survival is a tough game, your life literally depends on it. Animals learn what they need to survive and much of that is through observation. Pets have more leisure time, and an intelligent animal will teach themselves new skills if they produce the desired results. Serbella’s cat Angel was living proof of a cat with imagination.

  3. Years ago I lived with a Turkish Angora named Angel who was not shy about moving things around in our environment to get my attention: she’d push glass bottles off shelves, flip wall hangings, drag videocassettes across the carpet and bury them in cat litter. Angel did that when she felt that I was ignoring her and she was absolutely right every time.

    There are different kinds of intelligence. And I believe it depends on the individual too.

  4. It makes sense that a cat’s intelligence is linked to their evolution. Also, we know that some cats, like dogs, have degrees of abilities that surpass the ones we’ve come to expect. Cats do things that dogs can’t do because of their skeletal structure, and hunting nature. Dogs can learn to do things that cats can’t, which usually involve a high degree of training.

    Dogs have learned to rely on humans, or a pack, if wild.
    Cats are able to survive on their own longer than dogs, although a rural life may be more supportive of this, except for predators. Their natural abilities of climbing and jumping can be very helpful in escaping would be attackers. Additionally, razer sharp teeth and claws, along with their fierce vocalization can be a deterrent.

    Cats have been shown to survive situations that are beyond our comprehension, and may be the reason they are said to have “9 lives”.

    Both cats and dogs are being used to detect cancer, and human lives have been saved due to this ability.

    I never cease to be amazed at how various YouTube videos show what some cats are able to do. None of the cats I’ve cared for have demonstrated any kind of super abilities, beyond what is expected from most cat behavior.

    I do like the fact that my cat comes when I call her. Well, not all the time….just when she’s in the mood!
    But that’s another subject…..

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