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How many cat guardians give their cat priority when they sleep with them? — 5 Comments

  1. My mate and I have become contortionists around our daughter. She gets the best of everything as she should. All cat moms and dads know this.

  2. I have a 3×4 giant dog mattress elevated on boxes by my bed with a heated blanket on it. Usually I wake up with one on each leg, one under my arm, huggy Frog, and Mercy on my shoulder with her hand on my cheek.

  3. Of course our cats have priority.

    We were both brought up to never disturb the comfy or sleeping puss. It is very rude to do so.

    The bed feels wrong if there’s no cat in or on it.

    Getting into bed and sleeping around the cat keeps one flexible, bonus!

    Timing for airing, then making the bed is crucial. Waiting for dreamy-time cats to wake and leave their slumber, is not a problem. Fresh air in the bedroom is always available, at any time of day 😸

    We have had cats in the past, who would skilfully body surf on us as our bodies turned over during sleep.

    I think “pain” in this context is used as a colloquialism for ‘nuisance’ or ‘inconvenience’

    PS: House guests tend to be cat lovers of a similar mindset

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