How many cats and which species?

This is a bit of fun (mainly).  Light-heartedness after some heavyish stuff. There is a photo on Facebook taken by the Savannah Cat Shoppe called “Serval Cat’s photo” meaning a photo of serval cats. It is also captioned “All seven”. It may have been taken with a mobile phone. It is an interesting photo.

Initially, I thought that there were two caracals in the photo as well. Then I noticed that there were three caracals.

Then I noticed that there were six servals. But there may be a seventh. I am not sure. I can’t therefore agree with the photographer who might be the owner of the Savannah Cat Shoppe. It is not clear how the photographer had decided that he/she had photographed 7 servals. Not criticism intended – just a bit fun.

The picture could be “Three caracals and seven servals (maybe)!”

Here is the picture and my scribbles.

How many cats and what species?
How many cats and what species?
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There are one or two lingering questions. What are these wild cats doing all bunched up in a conservatory? The picture is interesting, for sure, but it is a bit odd. The cats look sheepish and anxious or am I misjudging the cats’ demeanour?

They are medium sized wild cat species. Both are quite amenable to being domesticated or being around people. The caracal has been used to hunt with people in Asia and the serval is frequently domesticated and treated as a pet in American homes. There are downsides to that arrangement (a) servals are declawed when domesticated because they are strong cats and (b) they spray everywhere, we are told. If you like cat pee inside the home, fine, otherwise don’t bother and (c) servals can escape and that causes all kinds of problems (mainly for the cat).

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