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How many cats can you have legally? I’ll tell you. — 3 Comments

  1. In my county you may have a combination of 5 cats and dogs on properties smaller than a few acres. And yes they enforce it. Animal Control won’t enforce the leash law or nuisance barking but they’ll enforce how many you can have.

      • In New Mexico. Few restrictions except for livestock on bigger properties. It’s not a bad thing as most people can’t take care of more than that properly. I believe it was a backhanded approach to the roaming dog packs and noise from a hundred barking dogs in neighborhoods. Since current pets were grandfathered in there was little to protest.
        Kennel permits can be purchased for a few hundred but they are not allowed to be a noise or odor issue.
        They have not passed mandatory spay and neuter ordinances and an intact dog or cat can be licensed for under 20 bucks. I often refer to the Heart Ordinance in Albuquerque as the ideal model for the rest of the state and the nation. https://www.cabq.gov/pets/education-resources/heart-ordinance/heart-ordinance-text

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