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  1. Why is there no law on a person having so many cats destroying other people property ,there all feel,inbreed,and a nuisance,,I have called law ,humane society and can’t get anything done ,these cats roam everywhere,their out all yrs round ,their sick ,hungry and some are deformed ,but yet I try to protect what’s mine I’m threatened to be taking to jail come home there like 7-8 cats on my porch ,,why dont I have any rights ,lawrence co ohio,,

    • Thank you Beverley for commenting. There is a law which may help you. But it is a general law and not one specifically designed to deal with the situation you describe. If you are really concerned about it you might see a lawyer about this. It concerns the civil law and the law of tort. Nuisance is an aspect of the law of tort. As I said, you might consider it. Please don’t harm the cats because it is not their fault that there are seven or eight of them on your porch. It is the fault of others who have been careless in discharging their responsibilities as cat owners. Thanks again for commenting.

      • Hey Michael, there is no recourse to the pet owner in my case. They are poor and don’t give a shit. They smell of squander and their 10 cats shit in my flower beds everyday, bringing flies and smell to my front door. Yeah, this isn’t the cats fault so we suffer. How about you come and pick them up and take care of these cats for me.

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