The question asks how many cats can a resident own in Queensland, Australia? My research on the Internet was not as straightforward as I had thought it would be. There are two areas in Queensland where there are limitations on the number of cats that you can own. These areas are city of Brisbane and the City of Gold Coast which is a local government area spanning the Gold Coast, Queensland and surrounding areas.

Laws on cat ownership Brisbane and City of Gold Coast

My research indicated that there were no restrictions in any other areas of Queensland, an Australian state covering the continent’s north-east. Both Brisbane and the Gold Coast are in the bottom right-hand corner of Queensland.


Residents require a cattery permit if they want to keep more than three cats at their home. And there is a maximum limit of 10 cats. Incidentally, residents require a dog permit if they want to keep more than two dogs with a maximum of four.

Gold Coast

A maximum of two cats can be kept on a property of any size but a permit is required for additional cats. Micro-chipping is compulsory under the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 if the cat is 12 weeks of age and over. As for dogs, there is a maximum of two under the regulations.

As I said, I can’t find any other regulations regarding limitations on cat ownership in Queensland but correct me if I’m wrong, please.


There is an overarching animal welfare law which makes animal abuse and cruelty a crime. This will indirectly place a limit on the number of cats in a home if the owner is inacapable of caring for them and they suffer as a consequence.

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