How many cats does Alex Warren have?

I’ll presume that the Alex Warren mentioned is an American YouTube celebrity who has 2.26 million subscribers. I had never heard about Warren until I tried to find out how many cats he has. He is described as a “comedic video content creator”. He also has accounts on Instagram and TikTok. All of his social media accounts are highly successful. He is a high energy, modern, young presenter on YouTube who jazzies up life in a high-speed treadmill of stunts and gags with his mates. I am going to search for the number of cats that he has and report on my findings as I build this page.

The first information that I discovered is that as at about 16 July Alex Warren’s girlfriend, Kouvr (an Instagram celeb), bought an F1 Savannah cat. She is female and she is gorgeous with a silver or snow background and very expensive. F1 Savannah cats are rare and highly exotic. Comment: Alex has to live with an exotic cat because it makes for a good bit of video. It’s copying Justin Bieber who has two :).

F1 Savanah cat belonging to Alex Warren's girlfriend (believed)
F1 Savanah cat belonging to Alex Warren’s girlfriend (believed). Video screenshot.
Two useful tags. Click either to see the articles:- Toxic to cats | Dangers to cats

Alex Warren mentions in his video, which is on this page, that he was concerned about his girlfriend’s new acquisition integrating with the existing cats. The question is where are the existing cats? How many are there and what breed are they? Do they exist (see below).

His short biography on the website Famous Birthdays makes no mention whatsoever of domestic cat companions in the family. However, my research on the Internet provides an interesting bit of information from the Gossip!DekhNews website. The author of the page says that “Alex Warren loves cats and he has his own cat in his house, plus he is fond of uploading videos with his cat”.

That statement clearly implies that Alex Warren has one cat which I will have to presume is a Savannah cat but there’s no mention of that. I’m confused!

Another detailed biography focusing on how much he earns and how he earns is on the website. They usefully mention “something random”. That random bit of information is that he has a cat that you see in his videos in case you didn’t notice!

This tells me that he has one cat but there is no date on the article and it may be out of date.

Warren's cat
Warren’s cat. Screenshot.

Conclusion: my current conclusion is that he has acquired an F1 Savannah cat bought I believe buy his girlfriend with whom he lives (I’m guessing slightly here). The cat is female and gorgeous. The cat must have cost something in the order of $20,000. The F1 Savannah cat is a favourite for celebrities. Justin Bieber as I recall has two. Alex Warren will have to do more to keep up with the Joneses!


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