How many cats does Ariana Grande have?

As far as I can tell Ariana Grande has no cats as at 2021. I don’t think it is practical for her to have cats for two reasons, (1) she is reportedly allergic to cats and (2) she has 9 dogs or thereabouts (10 dogs + a pet pig!). I don’t think a cat would like to live in her home! It might even be too dangerous for a cat to live with her. All the dogs would have to be thoroughly socialised to cats. Although she is said to be an animal lover. This must be correct as she has so many dogs.

Although there is a screenshot picture of a cat called Marilyn on her Instagram webpages (see above). Is this significant? No idea. It is perhaps significant in that she found the time to post the image online. She appears to like cats. This would be unsurprising as she is an animal lover.

The information that she is allergic to cats comes from and tell us she has 9 dogs. As at 2019 these were (and still are?): Coco, Toulouse, Cinnamon, Strauss, Lafayette, Pignoli, Myron, Snape and Lily.

Ariane Grande has her own website for the sale of her music. There is no information on the site about her pets, as far as I can see.

There is no reference to cats on her Wikipedia page. But they do mention her dogs. They are rescue dogs, which is great. They also say that she has other pets but don’t list them. She has promoted companion animal adoption at her concerts.

This video (which may disappear one day) confirms my assesment. If it does not work, sorry, but I can’t control embedded YouTube videos and they often go wrong.

One source: Lindner, Emilee (March 20, 2015), states “Ariana Grande Rescued 15 Dogs And Is Giving Them Away to Her Fans” (source: Wikipedia).

She has 227m followers on Instagram. Awesome I guess.

Dogs feature large in her life but not cats. She is a dog person. Perhaps if she wasn’t allergic to cats she’d be a cat person too. If that is the case it is unfortunate.


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