How many cats does Holly Willoughby have?

Holly Willoughby has two pedigree Radgoll Cats, one of which is blue pointed and the other seal pointed. Their names are Teddy and Bluebell. I’m going to make a presumption that the blue pointed cat is Bluebell and therefore female because of the word ‘blue’ in her name but this is unconfirmed at the time of this post. Please advise if you have further information. You can see a picture of the blue pointed cat with Holly below.

Holly Willoughby and one of her Ragdoll Cats probably Bluebell
Holly Willoughby and one of her Ragdoll Cats probably Bluebell. Photo: Holly Willoughby.
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On the Closer website, dated 14 February 2018, there is a story about Holly Willoughby adopting two Ragdoll Cats. The cats were named by Willoughby’s children and she is happy with the names: Teddy and Bluebell. At that time, Teddy was a bit sniffly she said. Bluebell was apparently under the Christmas tree asleep. The interview must have taken place around Christmas time before the article was published.

Holly Willoughby's two Ragdoll Cats
Holly Willoughby’s two Ragdoll Cats. Photo: Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby had a cat named Roxy who passed away a few months or so before she adopted Bluebell and Teddy. Willoughby said that she found it very hard to tell her children that Roxy had passed away. Like most families they struggled with the loss of their beloved cat.

Comment: I would suggest that Willoughby has chosen well. In the modern world when people are out a lot and living in urban environments, the Ragdoll Cat is a good choice because they are genuinely often relatively laid-back and perhaps more suited to a full-time indoor life. They are certainly a cat breed which I would recommend for full-time indoor living.

The cat is designed to be laid-back although those attributes were exaggerated by the founding breeder and subsequent breeders to a certain extent. They are beautiful cat breed, however. In the centre of this page are some articles about Ragdoll Cats which I wrote some time ago but which are still relevant.

Holly Willoughby with one of her Himalayan cats
Holly Willoughby with one of her Himalayan cats. I think this is Teddy, a seal point.

P.S. It is not clear from my research but I have presumed that Holly does not have any other cats at this time.

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  1. She never seems to talk about Teddy any more. I think she may have got rid of him as I seem to recall a segment where she was telling the This Morning vet that he was urinating on her daughter.


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