How many cats does Jackson have?

Caroline one of Jackson's cats at 2017
Caroline one of Jackson’s cats at 2017. Screenhot from Jackson’s video.
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How many cats does Jackson have? What they mean is Jackson Galaxy, the well-known cat behaviourists and television personality. Well, Jackson provides an answer in his YouTube video but the trouble is the video was published on November 8, 2012 and at that date two of his three cats were elderly.

Below I have listed his three cats and you can see that at 2012 one was 18 years of age and the other 19 years of age. His third cat at that time was 3 to 4 years of age. Note and update: In April 2012 Ingrid King tells us that Jackson had four cats. The fourth was Zeke, a male, bullying cat of six-years-of-age. He was a large cat who had been raised with dogs. As Jackson did not mention Zeke in his video published in November of the same year, it would seem that he re-homed Zeke as he was causing trouble, not being able to fit in.

I’m going to have to make a presumption which may seem impolite and say that both of his elderly cats have now passed over the rainbow bridge as at the date of this post. This would leave one cat, today, but I’m sure that Jackson has more than one cat in 2017.

I am going to have to make another guess and say that he has three cats as at today’s date having replaced the two elderly cats, Chippy and Velouria. This obviously is not fact. It is a supposition, a guess.

The reason why I have to guess is because even on Jackson’s Wikipedia page there is no reference to the number of cats that he has. They refer to his dog but not to his cats which is surprising.

It would be lovely, it would be amazing, if Jackson, himself, left a comment on this page to tell us the number of cats that he takes care of in 2017. Jackson has been a wonderful advocate of the domestic cat over the years. He has raised the profile of the domestic cat and in doing so improved their welfare single-handedly I would argue. Although I have disagreed with him on occasions.

He had three cats and one dog and they all lived together very harmoniously. There was Chippy a.k.a. Chuppie or C. Hippy. Chippy was 18 years of age (2012) which was a very good age for a cat. She was a tortie-and-white. There was also Velouria (nice name) who was an elderly cat at 19-years-of-age (2012). She was a tabby cat. And finally Caroline who is also a calico (tortie-and-white) at 8-9 years of age (at 2017).

Here’s Jackson’s video of 2012 presenting his cats to his fans.

P.S. If I have missed something obvious please tell me politely. I have searched for a clean answer to the question in the title but believe it does not exist or at least it does present itself easily, even on his website.

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