How many cats does Laura Lee have?

Laura Lee lives with four rescue cats and her partner, a young man who features in one of her videos. They live in a nice, spacious house. Until 6th January 2019 Laura Lee had “3 fur babies and they are all from the animal shelter in California” (5th Aug 2018). The quote comes direct from the lady herself on her YouTube channel which is, to the uninitiated, concerned with make-up. The channel is called “Nudie Patootie” as far as I can tell. Cool. Her second eye shadow palette is called Nudie Patootie. She is involved in “makeup and all things beauty” in her own words on Facebook

She now has four rescue cats at the date of this post but things might change. Boo King joined Yoshi, Luigi and Princess Peach on 6th January 2019. I think Princess Peach is the calico but I am guessing. She also calls them: Peach – pika, Yoshi – yoshinieee, Lou- sue sue, Boo- booski.

All four of her cats are all rescues, which is excellent. She is a high profile YouTuber and vlogger but has shunned the idea of buying fancy purebred cats in contrast to Taylor Swift and given good lives to four unwanted cats.

What type of cats are they? She has tweeted some videos. Although it is very difficult to put names to them all within certainty. In one I see a calico cat (tortoiseshell-and-white) gently biting one of her other cats, a black cat with white socks. The black cat with some white is called Boo. He is her fourth adoption as mentioned.

Our 4th cat/child lol. @joeygraceffa and @misterpreda found him in their yard, they also have 3 huskies not exactly the best place for a stray kitten. So they called me (the crazy cat lady) ๐Ÿ˜‚ of course I immediately wanted to take him in… and within 3 seconds of meeting him I had fallen madly in love. King Boo has 3 legs (we think he was born without his back right leg) itโ€™s doesnโ€™t seem to bother him he runs and plays like normal. We named him King Boo ๐Ÿ‘ป from Mario… sooo now we have 1.yoshi 2. Luigi 3. Princess peach and now 4. King Boo
Lou & peach LOVE him, but yoshi takes time to warm up to, she was like this when we got the other cats!
Boo Is having a vet visit now, he does have worms and needs some treatments, heโ€™s gonna be separated from the other cats for a while, but he will OF COURSE be spoiled rotten and a happy cozy baby. Welcome to the Cat Sanctuary Boo! Sometimes you donโ€™t pick your pets they pick you! ๐Ÿฑ

Posted by Laura Lee on Sunday, January 6, 2019

Note: sometimes videos stop working for reasons beyond my control. If that has happened I’m sorrry.

As a kitten Boo was found in the yard of a couple she appears to know. They telephoned her to see if she’d adopt Boo. She describes herself as ‘the crazy cat lady’. She took him in and ‘within 3 seconds of meeting him I had fallen madly in love’. Boo was born with three legs. He is missing his hind right leg but behaves normally.

It seems that the calico cat has cattitude i.e. is feisty, which is why she is filmed gently biting one of her cohabitees, Boo King. Boo King is seen pushing the calico into Laura Lee’s swimming pool at night! The ‘crime’ was caught on her security camera! There is something going on between these two.

I will amend and update the page as and when I have further and better information.

My current guess is that these are her four cats (1) Calico named Peach (2) longhaired black cat with some white on chest (tuxedo) – Yoshi (3) gray tabby (female) – Lou and (4) three-legged black with some white – Boo King. Wrong on the names? Please comment and correct me please. I need help ๐Ÿ™‚ .

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  1. Hi Michael, Couldn’t find your contact info. You had a 2014
    article – Gastonian man makes a nice feral cat condo. Do you have
    any idea how to contact him or get plans to make this cat condo?
    He is no longer at the number supplied. Thank you, Diane

    • Hi Diane. Sorry, I have tried to locate this guy using the internet without success. As you can imagine after 6.5 years it is proving difficult to track him down. Sorry about that. My contact details are in the menu at the top of the page. And my email is in the right hand sidebar (desktop). Anyway take care.


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