Lisa with Lily a Ragdoll cat

Lisa has 4 purebred, pedigree cats. Due credit to Lisa that the question in the title makes the presumption that we all know who Lisa is! Wow. I didn’t know but I soon found out. She is Lalisa Manoban, a Thai rapper and singer in South Korea where she appears to be based. She is very pretty and talented.

Lisa is a member of the South Korean girl group called Blackpink. And guess what? Blackpink have a website and, yes, that sweet website has a list of the cats who share their lives with little, sweet Lisa.

And here is the interesting bit: they are all purebred, pedigree cats. Lisa likes appearance and good looking things, which is not surprising.

She lives with 2 Ragdoll cats whose names are Lily and Luca – are they siblings? Luca is a male born on June 5th 2018 and Lily is female born on June 14th 2019. Then there is Leo, a male Scottish Fold born February 9th 2018 and last but not least there is Louis, a male British Shorthair born August 2020.

Here are some pictures and one video.

Louis and Leo. Photo: Lisa and/or in public domain.

Luca. Photo: Lisa and/or in public domain.

Lily. Photo: Lisa and/or in public domain.

I believe the cat below with Lisa is a grown up Louis:

Leo. Photo: Lisa and/or in public domain.

A word about Leo. He is described as a Scottish Fold. This breed of cat (loved by Taylor Swift too by the way) has folded ears which lie flat to the head. So what happened? Leo must be a Scottish Fold whose ears did not fold. That’s normal. The ears fold at about 23 days and as Leo is more than 2-years-of-age his ears should be fully folded. They aren’t. I am a bit surprised that Lisa did not insist on a folded eared cat as she likes appearance. But good for her as Leo is as good as any other Scottish Fold.


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