How many cats does Miley Cyrus have?

Miley Cyrus has three cats as at the date of this post. She also lived with them at NOVEMBER 6, 2015 to the best of my knowledge (source: Teen Vogue), which is almost 4 years ago. PAGE-A-DAY tells me that at Sat, 06 Apr 2019, Miley still has the three cats listed below. LiLo and Keke were adopted in April 2015. Shanti was adopted in May 2015.

  1. Shanti Om Bb
  2. LiLo (or Lilo)
  3. Keke (or Kiki)

Shanti appears to be a pure white doll faced Persian and has 96,000 followers on Instagram. LiLo is a medium-longhaired random bred mackerel tabby-and-white and the sister of Keke who is also a medium-longhaired tabby-and-white random bred cat.

Miley Cyrus's 3 cats
Miley Cyrus’s 3 cats. Photos: Teen Vogue. Montage by PoC.
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Miley loves animals and has had or still has about 16 companion animals. I counted the animals featured on the Teen Vogue webpage about her companion animals. She appears to prefer dogs over cats.

I could not find pictures of her cats or dogs on her Instagram webpages. That may be my failure but I searched fairly hard.

The montage on this page is made up of photos from the Teen Vogue website – thanks. I did the montage.

Comment: Miley has the money to hire people to manage her menagerie of companion animals. Without wishing to be critical she is not an ideal person to be a companion animal carer in one respect: she must travel a lot. In another respect she is perfect because she loves animals. I am sure that they help to keep her grounded. Her life seems to be surrounded by a lot of unreal, ungrounded events and people. Cats and dogs are great at getting back to calm and reality.

Miley photographs extremely well. He instragram page is choc-a-bloc with great photos….of her. I am not sure why there are no photos of her companion animals or perhaps I am missing something. Perhaps she has left them off her page for their security. To stop nutters who want to steal them but I am guessing wildly and probably incorrectly.

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