How Many Cats Does Susan Calman Have?

Susan Calman has three cats or is it four! No, it’s five (see tweet below)! She now has five as at September 2017. She keeps them indoors full-time. This is unusual for a British citizen. Susan Calman recently appeared on the highly popular BBC television show, Strictly Come Dancing. She did very well although it is probably fair to say that she is not a naturally talented dancer but she is courageous and full of fun. And she got the popular vote on the show.

Four of her cats are: one black, one calico (tortie-and-white) and two bicolors. They are all random bred rescue cats.

Susan Calman is a Scottish comedian, television presenter and panellist. She is feisty and funny. She started out, however, as a corporate lawyer. She was seven years working in corporate law before she became dissatisfied and began developing her stand-up comedy routine in the evenings eventually giving up a job to start an entirely new career in comedy.

Susan Calman is a diminutive, lesbian at 4’11” tall. That is not to denigrate her in any way. She is not only funny but intelligent, charming and talented. She’s the daughter of Sir Kenneth Calman the Chancellor of the University of Glasgow.

Susan came out as a lesbian in 1993 at the age of 19. It was difficult for her. When growing up in Glasgow there was only one lesbian bar she says. She married her partner in 2016.

Interestingly she was criticised for not dancing with a woman on Strictly Come Dancing. In defence she says that she wanted to dance and she clearly didn’t mind dancing with a man because that was part of the rules on this highly popular TV show.

Sources: Wikipedia for background info and Your Cat for number of cats. They say she has three but a tweet by Calman shows four cats in front of her dance professional partner Kevin Clifton (see above). And then I updated the page when I noticed her tweet 😉 .

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