How many hours each week do you spend networking about cats?


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How many hours in each week do you spend networking about cats? What prompted me to ask that question is a rather startling article in the news today which states that the average Briton spends the equivalent of almost an entire day each week on their smart phones, using it 221 times in every 24-hour period. These people are not all cat lovers but I guess a good number of them are because the Internet is known for its love of the domestic cat.

The Internet is also excellent with respect to promoting cat rescue and re-homing cats through networking rescuers.

There seems to be an almost manic desire to indulge in social networking either through texting, sending e-mails or visiting Facebook and Twitter. There is a current animalistic thirst for socializing which leads to an addiction to smart phones and being drawn towards Facebook without understanding why, sometimes.

The average Briton uses their smart phone for a total of three and a quarter hours daily. They start at 7:31 AM and finish at 11:21 PM.

If the average Briton is separated from their smart phone it is tantamount to losing a limb and they feel completely lost.

The truth of the matter is that people are overdoing it. Humans are social animals and they are given complete freedom to socialise on the Internet but in typical human style they overdo it. There’s never been so many opportunities to communicate with each other but people need to learn how to manage social media to their advantage.

We do hear of people becoming disenchanted with websites like Facebook for various reasons but the pull to visit is nearly always there.

The disappointing news is that smart phones, we believe, have not made us any more productive. If that is true then a lot of the time is spent entertaining ourselves or simply wasting time.

Apparently, women spend an average of 23 minutes a day longer on their handsets than men. Incredibly, people aged between 18 and 24 spend 4 hours and 20 mins a day on their smart phones. People who are over 55 years of age spend two and a quarter hours a day on their smart phones. I find that statistic surprising as well and it does not apply to me.

These findings come from a survey of 2000 people by the business calls OnePoll.

Personally, I spend very little time on Facebook (not enough?) and almost no time at all on Twitter. I don’t find Twitter useful at all. I prefer FB. That said, I do receive (and they are very welcome) information from regular PoC’ers about Facebook pages which I might find useful and which often form the basis of an article.

Today, many people who would have started up their own website now elect to create their own page on Facebook, I suppose because it is much easier to do it and because they are likely to get more visits which supports the statistics presented above.

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38 thoughts on “How many hours each week do you spend networking about cats?”

  1. My week is usually Mixed up Quite abit.
    Two Times a week I go out for about 2-3 Hours at a Time, Which I usually go Swimming/walking in Oamaru gardens or Through Town Shopping/Chemist etc.
    Once a week I attend Adult Literacy and do a Literacy and Numeracy Program for Reading Comprehension Called Pathways. Which has really helped me Learn a lot how to word things.
    1-2 Hours a week is doing Housework/tidying up around home.
    Various times though the Day is spent with Cats.
    Playing and Cuddling taking Photos of them.
    Prob 5-10 Hours On Internet per . On Facebook Talking/family/friends/Cat Groups/emailing etc. I prob spend too much time doing my Hobbies etc. Then there is Game Playing. I pay big fish Games-Which is like Casual Games. at present Im doing it two hours per day, used to do it much More. I usually go to bed around either
    10.30-12.00 and Read and write in my Journal. With Cuddle time with the Cats I usually have at least
    1-3 cats on the bed. I’ll be much happier when im closer to town as I hope to be out more in the week and doing things.

    • HAHAHAHAHA Thats TRUE Elisa, and I may say, RICK Grimes is really a hero but due to cat killers in Pakistan I have become SICK (of) CRIMES.

      Me and my family is fan of “AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD” and are waiting to come up with its fifth season on 12th of October 2014. ENJOY !!! 😉

      Salute you for being a CAT LOVER <3

      • I’m STILL awake. I woke up next to a dead man in 1998 and have had acute and chronic insomnia ever since.

        I read a lot of zombie books but to be honest The Walking Dead bored me so I went back to my little corner and got back on the computer 🙂 I am hooked on Under The Dome.


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