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  1. My week is usually Mixed up Quite abit.
    Two Times a week I go out for about 2-3 Hours at a Time, Which I usually go Swimming/walking in Oamaru gardens or Through Town Shopping/Chemist etc.
    Once a week I attend Adult Literacy and do a Literacy and Numeracy Program for Reading Comprehension Called Pathways. Which has really helped me Learn a lot how to word things.
    1-2 Hours a week is doing Housework/tidying up around home.
    Various times though the Day is spent with Cats.
    Playing and Cuddling taking Photos of them.
    Prob 5-10 Hours On Internet per . On Facebook Talking/family/friends/Cat Groups/emailing etc. I prob spend too much time doing my Hobbies etc. Then there is Game Playing. I pay big fish Games-Which is like Casual Games. at present Im doing it two hours per day, used to do it much More. I usually go to bed around either
    10.30-12.00 and Read and write in my Journal. With Cuddle time with the Cats I usually have at least
    1-3 cats on the bed. I’ll be much happier when im closer to town as I hope to be out more in the week and doing things.

    • HAHAHAHAHA Thats TRUE Elisa, and I may say, RICK Grimes is really a hero but due to cat killers in Pakistan I have become SICK (of) CRIMES.

      Me and my family is fan of “AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD” and are waiting to come up with its fifth season on 12th of October 2014. ENJOY !!! πŸ˜‰

      Salute you for being a CAT LOVER <3

      • I’m STILL awake. I woke up next to a dead man in 1998 and have had acute and chronic insomnia ever since.

        I read a lot of zombie books but to be honest The Walking Dead bored me so I went back to my little corner and got back on the computer πŸ™‚ I am hooked on Under The Dome.

  2. You don’t EVEN want to know. Last month I did over 700 shelter bios on dogs and cats, plus donation articles and breaking news. I’m afraid to turn on the computer some days because I usually stay on there too long. One of the cats will remind me to get off.

  3. Just thought I’d roughly work out my typical day in hours, give or take of course but I reckon 24 hours from 6am….
    7 hours on my computer for animal stuff, PoC, emails, face book, writing and browsing (with breaks whenever our cats or visiting cats need me and for meals and if any visitors come)
    2 hours outdoors, shopping, gardening etc
    2 hours housework and cooking
    1 hour watching TV
    2 hours quality time playing with and grooming our cats
    2 hours reading
    8 hours in bed (not sleeping as always a lot on my mind)

    • My internet time is broken up throughout the day and, probably, totals around 1 1/2 hours and mostly cat stuff.
      Never enough hours in a day. Up around 2 AM and a day loaded with physical activity… at least 8 hours in cat caretaking. Cleaning, laundry (daily), litter box duty (10 of them), driving, etc. comprise the remaining hours. Late afternoon is for trying to do some of the thing I forgot to do like eat, comb the branches and debris out of my hair, and bathe.
      My only sit down time is at the computer. I’ve had my livingroom furniture for over 15 years and have never once sat on any of it.

  4. That sounds really lovely that that you look after your older parents. You surely have your day full. When I’m out on my own which wont be too long now. I hope to do a whole lot more, go walking more. Appreciating the lovely things in life I feel very isolated where I am although its lovely and peaceful.

  5. A very separated article, not only focusing the CAT ISSUE but also the modern technologies i.e. internet πŸ™‚

    I start my day from as early as 3:00 AM and ends it 22:00 P.M. don’t love my bed so much πŸ˜‰

    I have 4 obligations;
    1. To look after my old parents
    2. To look after my family
    3. To help my neighbors in any matter, if they need me.
    4. To look after the colony of my cats and kittens
    5. To drift along the roads for unlimited time at night, if I can”t sleep with my wife.

    And nothing else to do, in between these timings, I surf the net specially GOOGLE the cats issues from various websites and start reading reading and reading. It makes me energetic and motivates me towards the welfare of cats. I visit PoC several times a day.

    I use facebook for 2 games, Happy Family and Criminal Case. I have 90% western friends from Denmark (Class fellows) PoC Kylee and Ruth. and many a more. I found almost nothing about cats on facebook (Maybe not know how to surf properly on facebook) πŸ™

    Twitter is the only place which I have never gone and never used, don’t know but my instinct tells me that it is not useful in any way for me.

    I am still thirsty about cats knowledge and my thirst is rising day by day. I need more knowledge. This is what I know. But as Ruth has indicated that we are not people of gadgets and we have seen the era of living within nature and people so many a times I need real people to interact and therefore I go to my friend’s mom and dads and have sitting with them.

    I love to sit and discuss with old people as they have much knowledge and experience than young ones, I use to do this from the age of 16 and therefore I had not to re-experience in my life the same issue that had given the result good/ bad to the old one and I knew it before I step into it. So what I call is OLD IS GOLD.

    I love internet but only in a limited phase of it and typically the issues of cats and kittens, not much than that πŸ™‚ thank you for this useful discussion/ article. <3

    • You have a very balanced use of the internet – a means to an end. You have a long day πŸ˜‰ and lots of obligations plus you don’t sleep well πŸ˜‰ I wake up early too (4 am) but listen to the radio.

      You can find almost everything about cats on PoC and the sources are always good. The search boxes are very useful for that.

      An interesting aspect of your life is — 5. To drift along the roads for unlimited time at night, if I can’t sleep with my wife. Do you walk or ride your motorbike? Is it safe and are the roads lit?

      • Actually my wife is my childhood friend, and we both are cousins. Our mothers are real sister and my mother’s mom decided in early age to marry us. I was married when I was 24 and my wife was 22 and half. We had only Khadija for next 8 years and then as usual my wife decided to have three and stopped while I only wanted one baby.

        Well we are the same minded friends of life. I am not neutered and she (my wife) is not yet spayed. (kidding)

        But we look after the colonies of cats in different areas within 10 to 12 Km radius. This is my decision to do, on one side we have time for each other and separate from worldly stresses and other side we do it to please our Allah and that is welfare work for these fellows who are ignored.

        We walk in winter and ride on bike in summer. Roads are good, but the time we get out for such a walk or ride is dangerous but we are also dangerous, both of us.

        There are many security hazards but I am Blue Belt in martial arts and so my wife is, too. We can fight without weapons. Every thing is weapon for us. People know me very well and They know that I am a spiritual man. Police respects me here. We have no fear but we have anger that the cats population is not treated well. This is a bitter TRUTH about CATS and DOGS in PAKISTAN. People may hide or lie here that they are treating their feral colonies very well, but the ground reality is not the same.

        Michael! It is understood, that if a cat is not neutered/ spayed, the population of feral cats must be in INCREASE.

        My question to the whole NATION:

        Why in PAKISTAN the population of feral cats are in DECLINE when they even don’t have neutered/ spayed?
        What is the TREATMENT of the people that has made the population vanished from the surface of PAKISTANI GROUNDS????
        Why are you lying to everyone online and face to face?
        Feel shame for that!!!
        One of my western friend said,”You don’t belong to PAKISTAN, come here!”
        I replied,”No! I will not leave my fellows, never, at any cost, NEVER!….But I am sorry for WHAT I AM! πŸ™ ”

        Michael! we have security hazards here but as you said during chat, There comes an age where we don’t care for any thing. I am not an old man but YES! you are right, I don’t care for me or my wife does not care for that… What so ever WE will insha Allah GO ON….WELFARE of humanity and innocents is our life MISSION now, and we will END OUR LIFE for this sake πŸ˜€

        • Good answer. I am surprised that the population of feral cats is declining in Pakistan because they are killed. What you say supports the arguments of people who want to kill feral cats and who want to reduce feral cat numbers. I know you hate the idea of killing feral cats but it seems to work as a means of controlling feral cat numbers, brutal though it is.

          You need to stay in Pakistan as a beacon of common sense and virtue πŸ˜‰

  6. Probably going to be in Trouble I don’t think I use 200 Hours in a week. As I don’t work due to health Reasons, I probably Have a lot more time on hand. SO I’m able to spend a lot more time with the Cats. I make sure I give each of them attention. I find they Often interact with me for example, If im on the Laptop too long or not paying attention to either Jasmine or Rebel or really either of them They come up to me with head bonks and smooches. Jasmine basically just curls up in a Ball its like right stop playing with the laptop and give me attention Now!!!

    I agree with what Rudolph said, if it wasn’t for the Internet or Even the Phone Line I wouldn’t be able to Communicate. I Never used to have a Computer until in 1997 when I first started having depression my mum thought of the Idea that would help me with boredom. Which it did in fact got me more interested in things. Its not just on Facebook or Google. Im very addicted to doing my Hobbies now with Scrapbooking and other Things. I have a smart Phone, but I don’t use it all the time. As it is hardly anyone texts me on it.

    • 200 hours in a week???????????????
      Kylee dear! I though we human beings have only 168 hours in a week and thus nobody can give 200 hours in a week??????

      Cheers πŸ˜€ God bless you <3 <3 <3

      • Yea exactly I certainly don’t use 200 hours a week. I would have to use 25 hours a day just on that which I don’t use. As half the other time Im sleeping.

      • Yea your right. I used to a long time ago, not be as great as I am now. Have had alot of Counselling over that time. Which has helped. I’ve certainly learnt alot about Cats in the last few year or so. I think being around the same love and care for animals on this site as well as some other sites like declawing groups on Facebook. I would struggle with 200 hours a week. I think its so important that even though we have so much Technology its important to have time away from it as got to live a normal life otherwise it can be just tooo overwhelming.

  7. I spend about 2 or 3 hours at night trying to find homes for kitties and dogs in shelters . And I read poc everyday.I check my e mail. I t takes about 5 minutes. I like to think I make a diffence sharing the homeless and abused animals.The rest of the day is housework and taking care of my animals and family.

  8. Desktop only here.
    Rarely have to search for any cat info because I subscribe to many sites and get emails galore about cats (and dogs)and from rescue group members.
    Rarely go to FB unless connecting with family members.
    I have a special interest in kill shelters and their covert activities, but I prefer to just pay in-person visits to the cat areas there.

  9. The only reason I started a FB page was for cat rescue. Tried twitter, didn’t care for it much. I spend at least one hour daily networking animals or following up on cats/dogs that have been pulled, adopted or rescued. Sometimes it turns into hours, if we are talking about neo natal kittens that were found and I am trying to locate a bottle feeder or nursing mom. If it wasn’t for animal issues I probably would never get on FB.

    • You sound fairly typical. I have a feeling that FB is very good for cat rescue. There are some real positives about FB although personally neither FB not Twitter are for me — except for cat stuff πŸ˜‰

  10. I don’t have a smartphone either, just my desktop PC. I like Facebook and usually have a couple of windows open at once, one for Facebook and one for my emails and I go between the two for maybe an hour on a morning before work and a couple of hours on an afternoon, I also like doing online surveys and spend maybe an hour on them a day following links from emails I receive from survey sited I’ve signed up with. But I like my evenings for reading a proper book, not an ebook but one I can get hold of and turn the pages of. I could at a push live without the Internet but not without a library book or three.

  11. I don’t have a smart phone, just a basic mobile phone, I’ve no desire to have one either, I like my desk top computer for the internet and it does everything I need.
    I do so much animal stuff on line from early morning, with just breaks for housework and meals and most important time to spend with our cats, that I have to make myself close down at round 6pm.
    Technology can take over your life and not leave quality time for real life things.
    Maybe it’s easier for me than for young people as my age group didn’t grow up with technology and allsorts of gadgets.
    I don’t like Twitter much either, it’s too disjointed but I do enjoy facebook to keep up with family and friends and for anti declaw and other groups and keeping up with The Paw Project news.
    Best of all I like PoC and come here quite a lot πŸ˜‰

  12. Michael, if not for the “INTERNET” invention i would have been lost to some vice as i work from home with ample time for disposal on the “Internet”. My day begins at 0630 hrs on the net and ends at about 1600 hrs with a few long breaks.Blogging on various subjects takes away most of my “NETWORKING” time and among the social websites it is “Facebook”.Thanks to “NETWORKING ” that total strangers managed to keep in touch and form a “Cat Club” and a “Cat Show” in India.Honestly, i am a “INTERNET ADDICT”.

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