How many leopards are left in the world?

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As at 2015 we don’t know how many leopards are left in the entire world. This is because the reports giving figures vary so much that we can’t trust any of them. They must be guesstimates, estimates or wild guesses. Don’t believe the websites which confidently tell you how many there are.

One report provides the following figures as maximums:

  • African leopard 25,000
  • Asian leopard 1,290
  • Sri Lankan leopard 950
  • Javan leopard 250
  • Arabian leopard 250
  • Amur leopard 35
  • Total 27,775

Another report suggests 100,000. Another authority quotes 262,000. The leopard is so secretive, cunning and smart that he is able to steer clear of the dangerous human making an accurate assessment on population size an impossibility.

The source of the information on this page is: Leopard by Desmond Morris published by Reaktion Books Ltd. ISBN 978-1-78023-279-9. Thanks.

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  1. As most people know I’m a big cat lover and out of the exotic cat kingdom the Black Leopard is my all time favorite big cat and unfortunately in India they are murdering them,they trap them in a cage and set them on fire,last year a village in India did this to a pregnant Black Leopard,it’s countries like that that make me feel inhumane towards humanity!


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