How many muscles in a cat’s tail and ears?

Cat Ear Positions - Ears Forward
Cat Ear Positions – Ears Forward. Illustration: MikeB.
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Tail muscles mainly consist of the following 6 on both sides:

  1. M. sacrocaudalis dorsalis medialis (SDM);
  2. M. sacrocaudalis dorsalis lateralis (SDL);
  3. M. coccygeus lateralis (CL);
  4. M. coccygeus medialis (CM);
  5. M. sacrocaudalis ventralis lateralis (SVL) and
  6. M. sacrocaudalis ventralis medialis (SVM)

The sacrocaudals and intertransversarials raise, lower and curl the cat’s tail.

The cat’s ear flaps (occelli) contain 32 muscles which allow the domestic cat to have such mobile ears. We regular see them twisting their ears to point behind them when they are snoozing or they both move forwards collecting sounds from prey animals directly in front of them. The domestic cat’s ears are far more active and flexible than those of humans which are relatively static in comparison.


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