How much do caracals weigh?

The weight of caracals various geographically. On average, males weigh 27 pounds and females weigh 20 pounds. The full weight range is 18-44 pounds.

Caracal and Sarah
Sarah Menzies carrying a caracal. Photo by her boyfriend Dan. The caracal is drinking. This photo provides a nice size comparison between caracal and human.
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In one study in South Africa a sample size of 61 males weighed an average 12.7 kg (8.0-18.1 kg) and 40 females averaged 10.1 kg (7.0-15.9 kg). In another study in South Africa, 46 males averaged 14.5 kg in weight and 32 females averaged 10.9 kg in weight

In Botswana 3 males averaged 13.5 kg and 5 females averaged 9.7 kg. In Israel one male weighed 9.8 kg and one female weighed 6.2 kg. In Russia/Turkmenistan 4 males averaged 11.8 kg and 3 females averaged 8.3 kg.

One kg (kilogram) = 2.2 pounds.

The information (and the quote below) comes from various studies referred to in Wild Cats of the World by Mel and Fiona Sunquist

The average of all the data above is as follows:

  • Average male caracal weight: 12.46 kilograms or 27.47 pounds
  • Average female caracal weight: 9.04 kilograms or 19.93 pounds

[note: I have averaged averages and merged that figure with the weight of a single cat (Israel) so this is not absolutely accurate but the best I can do]

The caracal is described as “a slender, long-legged cat of medium size (8-20kg)”.

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