How much do female bobcats weigh?

Bobcat. Image by Eszter Miller from Pixabay
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Based on studies as reported in the excellent reference book Wild Cats of the World (ISBN: 0-226-77999-8) the following weights apply to female bobcats:

  • In Minnesota, a sample of 15 females weighed between 3.6-18.2 kg with an average weight of 8.9 kg;
  • In Michigan, a sample of 24 females weighed between 7.3-11.8 kg with an average weight of 8.8 kg;
  • In North Carolina, a sample of 26 females weighed between 4.2-10.5 kg with an average weight of 6.2 kg;
  • In Kentucky, a sample of eight females weighed between 5.3-7.3 kg with an average weight of 6 kg;
  • In Florida, a sample of seven females weighed between 5.8-9.9 kg with an average weight of 8 kg.

References: in respect of Minnesota the study referred to is: “Observations on Bobcat mortality and Bobcat predation on deer” dated 1962. In respect of the Michigan data, the study referenced is: “An ecological study of bobcat in Michigan”. Master’s thesis, Michigan State University, East Lansing (1955). In respect of the North Carolina data, the study referred to is: “The Bobcat of North America” dated 1968. In respect of the Kentucky information, the study referred to is: “Bobcat densities and population dynamics in Kentucky” (1989). And finally, in respect of the Florida information the reference work is: “Ecology of the bobcat in south-central Florida” dated 1988.

Conversion from kg to pounds: multiply by 2.20462. For example, for Minnesota the average weight for female bobcats in pounds is 8.9 x 2.20462 = 19.62 pounds (lbs). Hope this helps. The information is very reliable.

Bobcat family sleeping in a perfectly hollowed out tree trunk
Cosy hollowed out tree truck for what appears to be 2 mothers and offspring. Photo in public domain.


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