How much do mountain lions cost?

‘Cost’ means purchase price and maintenance costs. The latter (maintenance expenses) is far more than the former. Buyers should be aware of this.

Mountain Lion Cub Survives California Wildfire
Mountain lion cub. Photo in public domain.
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There is nothing on the internet or in books telling me how much a mountain lion (puma) costs in 2017. It is possible that it is very hard to buy a puma. But, rarely, there are tame pumas living with people as ‘pets’. Therefore sometimes, somewhere, someone is buying a mountain lion.

We know that bobcats cost around $900 and a tiger cub costs $2,500 in the USA. Medium sized wild cats cost between $1,500 (serval) to $15,000 (ocelot).

I’ll have to guess the cost of a mountain lion cub: around $2,000 (+ or – a thousand!).

Maintenance over the lifetime of the cat (say 15 years) will be $344,000. If the cat lives a shorter life you can work out the reduced cost.

The basis for these numbers come from Big Cat Rescue. Hope this helps.

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