How much does a cat shelter spend on veterinary bills?

A cat rescue organisation in the UK, Alley Cats and Kittens in Southport, say they are currently spending £3,000 ($3,874 USD) per month for the 50-80 cats in their care.

If we say there are 70 cats in their care, it works out at £43 or $55 per month per cat. It seems like a lot to me.

Last year they admit that they spent £27,000 ($34,868) on vet bills and re-homed 700 cats. This works out at £39 or $50 per re-homed cat per year. This is much lower than the figure above. Clearly many cats required very little veterinary treatment.

I’d be interested to know whether these figure are representative of a typical cat rescue organisation in Europe and the USA.

I am unable to find any other figures.

Source: Alley Cats and Kittens via

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