How much for an animal health certificate (AHC)?

An animal health certificate (AHC) is now required in the UK in place of the pet passport to take cats and dogs to the EU and it costs £93.50p.

AHC - Animal health certificate
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AHC – Animal health certificate. Image: PoC.

Now that the United Kingdom has definitively left the European Union, from 1 January 2021, taking a pet abroad is more expensive than when the UK was part of the European Union. This is because the pet passport scheme between the UK and the EU has ended and in its place pet owners will have to obtain an animal health certificate (AHC) which can be issued only by a registered veterinarian and which costs £93.50p (at the time of this post).

It must be obtained at least 10 days before travelling and it is valid for four months but only for a single trip. Vaccinations or medications are paid for in addition and separately. A microchip is £16.28p and will last for life. Rabies vaccinations costs £50.40p and must be repeated every three years to allow continual travel. This information comes from the Royal Veterinary College.

At the time of writing it appears that the UK government website is not fully up to date. Not doubt it will be soon as the UK left the EU two days ago. I’d recomment visiting the UK government website on pet travel. There is also some contact details there if you can’t find what you are looking for. Click this link.

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If you click on the link below you can download an animal health certificate:

Animal Health Certificate

There is more information in the post below:


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