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  1. Great article, Michael. The daily protein requirement for felines remains a controversial topic, and the importance of taurine cannot be overstated. From my understanding, even 30% protein is too low. Dr. Jean Hofve, the veterinarian with whom Jackson Galaxy originally partnered to start his business, is a knowledgeable and under appreciated wealth of information. She has a website called Little Big Cat, and has recently written a book specifically about the dietary needs of the domestic cat. Here is the conclusion from her article entitled, “The Ideal Diet For Cats,” dated September 16, 2015:

    “Thirty million years of evolution have structured the cat to eat a diet comprising 65% moisture, with a dry matter composition of 50-55% protein, 35-40% fat, and <10% carbohydrate. Coincidentally, when cats were offered their choice of foods with various compositions, foods with those nutrient proportions were exactly what they picked."


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