How Not To Stop A Cat Scratching

How Not To Stop A Cat Scratching

by Michael

May 5th 2012: This will make you sick. Note: people are still in the process of investigating this.

A woman phoned the police to say that a girl was mistreating a cat. The police investigated and the matter was passed on to Kelly Askins of the Humane Society of Sandusky County.

She picked up the cat, a sweet looking, pregnant female gray tabby.

The cat had all four feet bandaged. There was a foul smell.

When Kelly took the bandages off she was shocked to see paws that had, “started to decompose”.

The claws had ingrown into the paw pads. In fact the front claws had grown through the paw pads. Ouch. The suffering the cat must have been through.

The news story does not explain this but I presume that the paw pads had become badly infected. Hence the rotten flesh and smell.

I also have to presume that the paws had been bandaged for a very long time because it takes a long time for claws to grow all the way through paw pads. Obviously the reason why the claws had grown so long was because they were bandaged.

Kelly believes that the paws were bandaged to stop the cat scratching!

The cat received veterinary treatment. She lost her kittens in a miscarriage.

For me, this is a new take on the declaw story. It is almost as bad as declawing a cat.

How a person can think that it was acceptable to bandage claws indefinitely and ignore the smell of rotting flesh is hard to fathom. I guess it is down to education again.

This has to be a case of cat cruelty. But I’ll leave that decision to the authorities, of course.

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How Not To Stop A Cat Scratching

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May 07, 2012 Her punishment NEW
by: Anonymous

The punishment should be her hands and feet bandaged up until her own nails grow into her flesh and cause it to rot agonisingly.

Nothing less would be enough!

May 07, 2012 Sickening NEW
by: Barbara

The cruelty of some humans towards animals is sometimes astounding, I would never in my wildest dreams have thought of anyone bandaging a cats paws to stop her from scratching, how cruel, how stupid and how tragic. I hope the cat’s paws, and her life, were saved and I hope the owner of the cat is prosecuted.I wish only ill on her, whoever she is.

Barbara avatar

May 07, 2012 This is just too awful for words NEW
by: Ruth

Poor little cat, how she must have suffered.
She obviously must have been outside defenceless like that too, as she was pregnant.
How anyone can be so cruel I just can’t imagine.
I hope that person is punished, but whatever the sentence passed on any animal abuser it can never be enough for the suffering they caused to the innocent creatures in their power.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 06, 2012 Shocking! NEW
by: Maggie

What a horrible story! The stupidity of some people astounds me. How did that cat even manage to walk? How did she defend herself against other cats and dogs without her claws? Deterring a cat from scratching isn’t a difficult task, it all comes down to logic and common sense! Something this person obviously didn’t have.

I also wonder how long the bandages must have been on for, in order for the claws to not only become ingrown in the pads, but to start decomposing! I can’t imagine the agony that poor sweet cat went through. Some people make me sick!

It’s an interesting comparison to declawing, and it’s difficult to contemplate which is crueller…

Keep us updated on this if you can, I really hope the person who did this gets prosecuted.

May 06, 2012 Cat suffers from sheer cruelty ! NEW
by: Anonymous

Cruel, sadistic and criminal how that cat was ingored after having claw surgery, truly revolting.
I’m glad she survived, is she was my cat spaying would imperative.Responsible owners need to become accountable by law regarding their treatment or lack it of their animals.
Cat has been mutilated, will develop litter fear and become a biter.
Irresponsible cat owners, SHOULD NOT OWN A CAT, instead get a stuffed to that you can’t harm.
A cat lover/rescuer/helper for over 50 yrs
Southeast Arizona (USA)

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