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How often should I play with my cat? — 3 Comments

  1. My Hazelnut used to leap on my hand as a kitten. She’d pretend it was a snake and that she was wary of it, and then she’d leap with a roar like a lioness. Maybe kittens like to feel large and tough, like little kids playing cops and robbers.

    I’d dangle my hand in front of her and tease her. Did she learn to bite and scratch playfully, and whenever she didn’t get her way? Yes. Do I mind? No.

    If you have feral cats taken right off the streets like I do, you learn to overlook little scratches. I also let my Amiga bite my fingers whenever she’s overstimulated by my petting.

    Playing with your cat is very important, but you can’t leave out shoelaces unsupervised. The cat I used to have had one tangled around his neck. Luckily, I was home and took it off while he tried to kill me repeatedly, with no success.

  2. Guilty as charged!! Since there are three, we let them play with each other too much. Not as if the house doesn’t have a gazillion toys for them alteady, they like to hug and cuddle a lot both with us and each other. The bug jar sounds interesting. What is the container made of, I’m thinking not glass.

    • I am guilty as charged too. But I do play quite a bit but not enough. I think the bug jar is glass – thick glass. I looks neat. Something to occupy a cat’s mind for a while. And a nice use for a bug!

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