How Old is the Longest-Lived Siamese Cat?

by Julie

Traditional Siamese cat - photo added by Michael (Admin) and by julicath/Cath (pas vraiment présente) - Flickr (see link below)

Traditional Siamese cat - photo added by Michael (Admin) and by julicath/Cath (pas vraiment présente) - Flickr (see link below)

My aunt had a Siamese named Jellybean who lived to be a little over 30 years. Jellybean was a diabetic (the name says it all ) and required daily insulin shots. They had her declawed and defanged (1950's) so her only form of protection was to run her head into the back of your legs.

She was so strong she could knock most people off their feet! Although she never did that to me.

When I was a child, I loved visiting Jellybean.

Does anyone know the life span of a Siamese? Thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments on Cao and her painting. It is always good to have a really great photo or a painting to remember your cat children!

Cao helped by sitting for hers and it is so much easier to pick up their character from real life than it is from a photo. Cao was the only cat I ever paid money for. All the rest have found us or have been presents. We love them all.


Hi Julie.. The average lifespan of a domestic cat is about 15 years today as far as I am aware. It seems that the absolute maximum generally is around 35 years (world records are set at around this mark - the oldest ever cat was 37). Anything above aged 20 seems very good indeed. Moggies are considered to be more robust and therefore longer lived that purebred cats.

Modern Siamese cats are shorter lived that the traditional Siamese cats in my view. Your aunt's cat and Cao were traditional Siamese cats.

Sarah Hartwell, the Messybeast author who has access to material that we mortals do not, says that a blind Blue-Point Siamese without a known name and owned by Mr Howard Little of Redwood City, California, USA had a recorded age of 25 years and 8 months at November 1975.

Siamese (traditional) are considered by some to be a long-lived cat but anything over aged 20 is long-lived so 30 is fabulous!

It seems that the usual long-lived Siamese cat lives until late teens. This Flckr page has a number of people writing about the age of their cats.

I think Jellybean was right at the top of the tree on longevity and was certainly one of the world's longest-lived Siamese cats.

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How Old is the Longest-Lived Siamese Cat? to Siamese Cats

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How Old is the Longest-Lived Siamese Cat?

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Mar 20, 2010
jellybean gives me hope for my diabetic meezer
by: Ariane

I know a few people whose Siamese cats lived over 20 years. 30 is amazing! I love the Jellybean story, especially since I too have a diabetic Siamese. He is just 12 and a half years old now so he is a mere youngster compared to how long Jellybean lived. We hope he'll be around for a good long time.

Feb 19, 2010
by: kathy

It is so great that Jellybean lived that long. I will give anything if my Lia would live that long. I treat him so well just like it is the last day with him. He is such a great cat. You can just see how happy he is to be back with me and to finally have his own house and playmates. I promised him he will never ever have to live in anyones garage, basement, or outdoors ever again. Not as long as I am alive. He just lays in his bed like a prince.

Feb 18, 2010
"Jellybean" living to age 30
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Hi Julie and thanks for sharing your personal experiences regarding "Jellybean". I have read about the longivity of cats and dogs in normal books, having owned both and at present a pair of "Traditional Persian Cats".This is the first instance where i have come across a personal testimony of a cat living over 30 years of age and thats the advantage of blogging and networking, you really learn a lot . Hope my cats have a long lived life as they are a part of my family, almost humanlike.

Feb 18, 2010
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Hi Julie, love the story about Jellybean. Nice to know she lived to be such a ripe old age, especially after being declawed and defanged, no less. Nice memories.

A neighbor had a domestic shorthair (mixed breed) who lived to be 26 years and I thought that was astounding. When the feline reached 27, he had to journey to the Rainbow Bridge. The cat was in constant agony from assorted ailments too numerous to mention. The human passed within months of the cat, so I imagine they've reacquainted themselves since.

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How Old is the Longest-Lived Siamese Cat? — 6 Comments

  1. dinghow a seal point siamese lived past 30yrs. he ate ralston purina and snacks
    of table scraps.
    mopar,orange tiger cat lived 25yrs.
    this guy was a garage cat, ate mice.
    go figure?

      • hi michael, i just lost my old shelter cat killed by 1 of the local
        vets. she insisted on methimazole
        its illegal in most states(not ny.)
        then a rabies shot and a steroid shot
        she was 14. i am thru with “vets”.
        this one only wanted my money. drug
        pushers are in the same class.

    • i am now of the belief nature is far
      better than any vet,or anything synthetic.i’ve had many friends use
      natural treatments, with great sucess.
      i simply had a hyperthroid cat, i did
      not think? i fell victim to a bottom

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