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How Old is the Longest-Lived Siamese Cat? — 6 Comments

  1. dinghow a seal point siamese lived past 30yrs. he ate ralston purina and snacks
    of table scraps.
    mopar,orange tiger cat lived 25yrs.
    this guy was a garage cat, ate mice.
    go figure?

      • hi michael, i just lost my old shelter cat killed by 1 of the local
        vets. she insisted on methimazole
        its illegal in most states(not ny.)
        then a rabies shot and a steroid shot
        she was 14. i am thru with “vets”.
        this one only wanted my money. drug
        pushers are in the same class.

    • i am now of the belief nature is far
      better than any vet,or anything synthetic.i’ve had many friends use
      natural treatments, with great sucess.
      i simply had a hyperthroid cat, i did
      not think? i fell victim to a bottom

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