How people can carelessly kill a faultless cat

A short story of how the combined carelessness of people can lead to the unnecessary death of a cat and leave her kittens without a mother.

A couple who own a female cat let her breed and she had recently given birth to kittens. That is the first mistake. There is no place in the world for informal, ad hoc, careless cat breeding.

The couple decided to sell their home. An open day for viewing was being arranged by the realtor (“estate agent” in Britain). She was at the couples’ home when it is alleged that the cat “viscously” attacked her perhaps in defence of her kittens.

I’d like to know the exact circumstances of that attack and whether the realtor is blameless. I doubt it. She may well have approached the cat and tried to stroke her; something like that, which prompted defensive behaviour by the cat upon which the realtor may well have made things worse (pulled away violently or retaliated).

The cat’s owner failed to warn the realtor that their cat had recently had kittens.

The realtor is suing for compensation in the minimum sum of $50,000, which prompted (incorrectly I would say) the cat’s owner to have their cat killed or they killed their cat themselves (I don’t know).

The reason they gave for killing their cat was to avoid a rabies evaluation and “agonising rabies jabs”. I don’t believe it. It sounds plainly wrong.

They killed their cat to try and nip the claim for compensation in the bud. To stop it but it won’t. That is my theory.

There it is: a lot of carelessness and bad decision making – a chain of events – which lead to the death of a totally innocent animal and left her kittens without their mother.

What is the betting the kittens are killed too?

Humans can be awful can’t they? It is very sad and stupid.

  • The place: Moorhead, Minnesota, USA
  • The cat’s owner: The Connallys
  • The realtor: Karen Thompson
  • The court: Clay County District Court

9 thoughts on “How people can carelessly kill a faultless cat”

  1. WTH???!!!! They killed their cat because of stupidity & greed on each of their parts and left kittens without their mother …. both the owners & the realtor are totally disgusting!!!!. The amount she is suing for is outrageous and she would NEVER, EVER get it. The cat “IF” it did that much damage to her… she’d be dead or torn to shreds & chewed up. Any judge would laugh in her face … I believe for that amount it would require a jury too… but I’m not sure. Either way … she would NOT get it. Both the owners/realtor are at fault. Perhaps the owners should have mentioned the cat just had kittens. Maybe the realtor approached the cat or her kittens … any person with 1/2 a brain can ask the owner “Is your cat friendly? Can I pet her.. or does she like being petted? This is very disturbing to say the least …. friggin MORONS. I so very much detest STUPID, RECKLESS people.

  2. My jaw dropped when I ready this article.

    As a Brit, it seems that litigation is far too commonplace in the USA. What kind of injuries could sustain a minimum of $50,000 worth of compensation? None, so far as I can imagine, but I don’t doubt financial gain is the only motive here.

    Then there’s the cat’s owners who had the cat euthanised without submitting any kind of defence on her behalf.

    Crazy, greedy and selfish people all round, but it’s the poor cat and her orphaned kittens who paid the heavy price 🙁

  3. How much harm could a mama cat cause?
    This is a real sore spot with me.
    I have a real problem with whimps who whine and cry about a cat scratch. I know… I know… that articles here describe a need to get emergency treatment for a “cat attack”.
    A heathy immune system resolves it without medical intervention.
    Someday, I’ll post a pic of my scarred arms from cats and my belly from the baby bobcat that I brought home.

    It infuriates me that people would go to court over this sort of incident.
    I’d love to see a pic of her injuries.

  4. 2 days ago I read an article on facebook, how people are willing to blackmail because of cats and the same was there, I felt.

    If no one will carry them away, they will be euthanized. 🙁
    7 cats.

    I saw the photos of all 7 cats on facebook. 🙁

    I think they must be dead until now.

    If anyone can not cae for them, feed them properly and socialize them, Then never have a cat. why cats? wht always cats?

    What have they done o humanity?

    why??? 🙁

    • I say leave the feral cats alone if you can not care for them. Its your failure if you could not make them friendly. Why cats should be punished ??? 🙁

  5. Doubt that I can come up with any rational response to this. It’s foreign to me.
    No complaint, lawsuit, money would make me kill one of my cats. The fight would be on…


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