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How rare are male tortoiseshell cats? — 16 Comments

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  2. In all the years I worked for vets and assisted at neuterings I never saw a male torti. But ginger females weren’t as common then as they are nowadays either.

  3. Every tortie or calico that I’ve ever had the privilege to love has been female. They’re exquisite, often dainty, and dignified. Don’t get me wrong. I love boys too. But, girls are extraordinary.

    It would be nice to come across a male tortie or calico sometime; but, I don’t think that I would have any thoughts of whether they were rare or not. I would be more interested as to how their demure might differ from a female.

      • And, what do we think a normal male behavior really is?
        Do they prance around being macho?

        My males really do act very differently from my delicate girls.

        But, how can we describe it?

        • P.S. Every caretaker should experience the glory of having a girl to love. They are supreme in their ability to reciprocate.
          If someone only experiences boys, they only have one point of view about cats; and, they’ll never know but half of what cats are all about.

          • We’ve had both male and female cats over the 40 years of the honour of sharing our lives with them and I think it’s down to the cats purr-sonality more than their sex.
            The only difference here where our cats have their freedom, is that our girls have never gone as far from home as our boyz have, they have been/are a bit more adventurous.
            But I’ve found each and every cat equally as loving.

  4. Maybe a Facebook page would suit the type of people wanting to gain fame because they have a rare cat. It could lead to mall openings, mugs and t-shirts. That would lead to YouTube and eventually movies of the week on LMN (Lifetime Movie Network) like Grumpy Cat. The truest cat show on earth is Social Media, right?

    I have no idea on how rare they are, as long as they are healthy and happy. It does excite me a bit to see them. They are wonders of the universe in a way. The off bit that proves the rule sort of thing. I hope they were adopted by decent humans. A warm lap, good food and maybe a treat now and again and a sisfur or brofur. That’s all any cat needs.

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