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How Raw Food Cured My Cat’s Constipation — 4 Comments

  1. I do not feed Mitzy chicken necks because that would not be a complete meal. I’ve given her a couple of those in the past, but she only at a little bit of it. I feed her a raw food mixture that made in my local area. They have several combinations, and I started with ground turkey and sardines, with ground bones, seasonal organic vegetables,kelp,and alfalfa. Now I’m trying chicken and sardine mixture, which she also likes.

    I find that the cost if half the price of what I was paying for high quality canned foods. I realize that if you have several cats, you may not be able to afford to feed raw food. I’m sure you’re all doing the best you can.

    I’m thankful that I found the solution to a serious health issu, after trying so many things. I’m a problem solver, and can be compared to a “dog with a bone”. I don’t let go easily….

  2. I’m so pleased to hear the raw food diet is working well for Mitzy. You’re to be commended for the amount of research you’ve done into finding the right food for her.

    How did you transition her to eating raw? Mine weren’t interested in raw, so I tried offering them Nature’s Menu, which is raw meat, gently steamed as a compromise. They didn’t like that either.

    Can cats become addicted to certain ingredients in commercial wet food in the same way as dry food? Is that why they don’t always appreciate meat in it’s raw state.

    • Michelle, I did transition her by mixing a little in her wet food. I noticed that she ate it all, which was unusual. She’s a small eater, and always left a little in the dish, but since I started adding raw to the canned, she cleaned her plate. So, I just put out the raw, and she ate it all up!

      Yes, cats can get addicted to both wet and dry commercial foods. I still give Mitzy a little dry food for the fiber content, and add some supplement nuggets to that.

      During the time when I was weaning her from dry, I put a little Parmesan cheese on top of the wet food. We have to figure out what they like, and top the new food with that. If it’s the old food, then use that as a topping. Every cat is different, like people, and like kids; sometimes we have to use little tricks.

      I wasted a lot of cat food, well, it went to ferals, so it wasn’t wasted. I was on a mission to find a quality food that she liked. I tried mixing my own raw, but it didn’t go over as well as this pre-made raw food.

      Also, I was giving her cooked chicken and salmon that I fixed for myself. She never refused those, but it wasn’t a daily diet. Sometimes, a little tuna is o.k.

      She also loves coconut oil, and she eats a spoonful every morning. It’s not flavored. I had tried this for her constipation, but it didn’t work. She developed a liking for it, which is great because it’s good for all of us.

      I’m happy to help with any suggestions you might want.
      Let me know if any of these things work for you.

  3. I’ve never had a constipation problem with any cat for over 50 years. I have gallons of Lactulose for myself, so it’s plentiful should any cat ever have constipation. I do, however, have a loose stool problem on many occasions that I attribute to, possibly, the fat or gluten content in some of the wet foods.
    I would have a problem with a raw food diet for so many cats, ie. not just the expense; but, I don’t believe that I would be able to toss animal body parts to them without convulsive vomiting.

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