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How Reliable Are Our Perceptions of Our Cat or Dog’s Feelings? — 3 Comments

  1. I don’t think so called experts know as much as those of us who have always shared our lives with animals know.
    Why analyse everything to the nth degree, why not just accept cats are cats and dogs are dogs, instead of trying to transpose human facial expressions onto them?
    No animal is bad, nor guilty, they are just doing what is natural to their species.
    Living together as a family the humans and the pets in it don’t actually needs words or expressions to understand each other, we just need to live and let live and accept each other as the different species we are.

  2. Michael, it seems apparent to me that those of us who stay w/PoC, regardless of our schedules, are quiet perceptive when it comes to our “lower-species” mammalian children. But, as I remember that you are quite sensitive to anthropomorphism, and justly so, I feel–no, I know– that we need to be on guard to this (mindful). If we live in the moment with our fellow species, then it only seems right to be mindful of those automatic thoughts that can (and do) take place in each and every waking hour.

    It is so good to come back to your site, thank you for always being here for us! <3

  3. Don’t care what any experts say. We are all perceptive and correct 90% of the time. We are pretty much mind readers and can anticipate.

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