How should you be punished if you threw your neighbour’s cat 9 meters and bruised her?

How do you think you should be punished if in a fit of anger you threw your neighbour’s cat back into her garden and the distance travelled by the cat was 9 meters and the cat received ‘soft tissue damage’ – I presume bruising.

The court where she was punished
The court where she was punished. A magistrates court.
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The answer, in Britain, is that the person was punished with a community order lasting 12 months with 30 days rehabilitation activity. The person was also fined £85 in costs with a victim surcharge of £25.

A 12 month community order can take various forms. In this instance I would suspect that it includes unpaid work which is supervised.

In Britain, a rehabilitation activity requirement can be included within a community order. I suspect that in this instance it will be some sort of activity which assists in the offender controlling anger. It might for example be an accredited program or treatment requirement.

I have written about this particular person in a previous post so I won’t do it again here in full. Her name is April Hawes and she was wound up by her neighbour’s cats who sprayed urine near her property (see links above for full details).

She lost her temper and threw one or both of the cats at her neighbour’s house. One of the cats travelled about 9 meters and was harmed but not seriously. She admitted her guilt at the court hearing which no doubt lessened the sentence. She claimed that she suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome and that she had tried to get the council to intervene without success.

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