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How to avoid stepping on your cat — 7 Comments

  1. Albert Schepis I play PCH games pch.com They can access your computer through a back door I want to know is there a way to close that back door. I’m tired of thinking they have remotely entered my computer and are watching what I’m doing. Is their a program I can buy? I have the box checked that says no remote entry but I’m told they can over ride that.

    • I don’t know too much about computer security vulnerability due to gaming, but that’s because I don’t do it and I think I’ve never been hacked or spied on. No evidence of it, anyway. I’m sure gaming is fun and addictive (probably hard to quit) but that’s what I’d consider doing, if you haven’t already secured your ports and set up a tight virtual network and/or firewall. Good luck with that.

  2. I don’t like my brother either he’s a total jacka$$. lol. It sounds like your brother doesn’t like his cat. Maybe he was hoping you’d ask him if you can have his cat. If he’s stepping on his cat then he’s a moron and shouldn’t have a cat, LMAO!

    • Well, my brother never liked me because I could do almost everything better than him… and I was 5 years his junior. To get on his good side I’d have to act stupid and tolerate being berated by him, usually in front of his friends, so yeah he was kind of a jerk that way but I did love my brother anyway. Like I said, he’s passed away and I miss not being able to talk to him once in awhile. I don’t think he wanted to give me his cat. He genuinely wanted some magic method to avoid stepping on her that didn’t involve common sense, as he was in short supply of that. I shouldn’t go on about him like that anymore regardless if it was true. There’s usually something good about everyone and he had his good side.

      • I get it. Mine didn’t like me because I was a girl and did everything better than him. We were only 2 years apart and when picking teams I always got picked before him. 🙂 Sorry your brothers gone now. Mine is in hospital with covid and with only one lung……….He tried to say he was sorry but I told him no worries cuz he was mean to me. Of us 4 kids I’m going to end up alone. But your story did make me laugh and got me to think about the growing up.

        • I’m alone now too except for sister in law and niece, who’ve never been friendly to me either… probably because of my brother. I don’t blame them I suppose but they haven’t even said a word to me since he passed. He actually didn’t even tell me he went into the hospital. I don’t blame myself either as I was always decent and nice to all of them, so I don’t get that. It’s not even politics either as so many have trouble there, though my brother was opposite. Blood is not thicker. I just don’t get it…

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