How To Care For A Cat?

Love your cat
Love your cat
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This is sentimental but oh, so true. It is a one-liner. The answer is to love your cat. If you do that – genuinely – everything else that is good and right for your cat will follow as sure as night follows day.

Because when you love your cat as you love your woman or your man, you will be in tune with your cat’s likes and dislikes, her habits, her needs and you’ll be aware of changes in her health because you will be observant and you’ll be interacting with her and grooming her.

And if you don’t know what to do when something unexpected or strange happens, because you love your cat, you will learn with passion and commitment what to do to help your cat.

If you love your cat your love of money will be second to the love you have for your cat. This will open the door to taking her to the veterinarian when required. There will be no inner discussion, searching for excuses as to why a visit to the vet is not needed. The path will be crystal clear; if there is any doubt about her health a veterinary consultation will be sought. Common sense but many cat owners don’t do it.

Loving your cat is the fist principle that encompasses all other information about looking after a cat. Everything flows from that starting point because love is a motivator. Love is caring. It wants to please. True love is genuine. A genuine desire to provide the highest form of cat care that is practically possible.

Loving for your cat automatically guides you to be tender, gentle and protective. If your cat is lost you will move heaven and earth to get her back. If she dies in an accident and it is your fault it will hurt and the hurt will never go away because you loved her.

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19 thoughts on “How To Care For A Cat?”

  1. Thank you for a short and meaningful essay Michael

    I have gone through terrible experiences of my life regarding Kittens and cats. and I feel a physical scratching pain in my chest as there are tears stopped to come out and I some times just can not talk to some one regularly and make a short PAUSE during conversations. This is because I am sad and really hurt about the killings or misshappenings / inhumane behaviors of the people here (towards cats and kittens).

    I therefore am very carefull and thinking to cage the kittens for future events not to be happened in my lifetime again 🙁 though , I dislike the cage concept for these lovely friends 🙁

    • I know how you feel. We both love cats. For me it is easier because I am in a place where cats can go outside safely. I am confident my cat is safe outside. But for you there are more hazards for your cats. This must be difficult for you.

      The best solution is a cat enclosure. About 20×20 feet perhaps if you have the space. Fill it with vertical spaces for the cat to climb and places to hide. Also toys etc.. In other words make it a good safe environment for a cat. Ruth (kattaddorra) and Babz built one:

      Another possibility is to leash train your cat or even at the extreme to take you cat for a stroll in a cat stroller! That would be unique in Pakistan.

      But a good cat enclosure is probably the best thing for you and you cats.

  2. even if i was shifting when i might be looking at doing. I dont know if i can take all my other cats hopefully ill be able to come to some arrangement.

  3. So sad for you Nancy, it wasn’t your fault, it was cruel fate!
    Try to think of your cat at peace because it’s you who is suffering not him x


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