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How To Control Cat Fleas — 3 Comments

  1. Seems like when the weather warms up, I begin to see fleas on Mitzy. I use a flea comb daily, which gets out some of her long fur, and alerts me to the presence of fleas, although I also notice if she’s scratching more than usual.

    I keep a jar of vaseline nearby, just to kill fleas! I pick them off the comb, and push them into the stuff. Although I’ve used water when she was really infested.

    I’ve always wanted to use a non-toxic treatment, but of course the vet says “There are none that work!” Since I have little trust in vets for reasons I’ve stated in other comments, due to my extensive research and discovery of “difficult truths” about the industry, I don’t believe her.

    Recently I discovered a site (www.DogsandCatsNaturally.com)that has some non-toxic flea products, and the great thing is you can order a sample size. I ordered 3 to share with friends. They have products for use on the animal, carpets, and bedding, etc.

    I have friends with cats that have serious reactions to “spot on” treatments, so they need something like this.

    Although Mitzy hasn’t had a reaction to Advantage, I read on this site that one of the ingredients has been banned in some countries. One treatment of Advantage costs nearly $20 in US, so that’s another reason to try this non-toxic treatment.

  2. I personally find the best thing 2 do is to comb your cat with a flea comb – having a glass dish of clean soapy water at your side – as soon as you see a flea on the comb – put comb in water so that the flea goes into the water and can’t get out. – Gently keep re combing your pet and dipping comb back into water – if you see any more fleas – untill no more fleas come off cat onto comb. The more often you do this with your pet – the safer they will be of being infected with fleas. ( I personally empty water away into the toilet and flush them away ) = Even easier if you work using 2 flea combs – that way you can just drop comb with flea into the water – and continue with clean one – keep swopping them over.

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