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How To Deactivate A Kitten — 15 Comments

  1. Thats terrible! How awful to mess with nature like that! Some idiot thinking they are clever and yes it only seems to be for a minute or so but what is really he left that poor little kitten like that for ages? I don’t like it one bit 🙁

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  3. What a horrible ugly cruel bullying scumbag that man is,a kitten is not a toy with batteries to switch on and off oooh I’d like to get my hands on him and show him just how I deactivate animal abusers.

  4. In the neck of a cat/kitten is the same nerve that allows a human to be subdued by the “sleeper hold”. To use it for entertainment or unnecessary control is immoral and abusive.

  5. Stinking great big hairy BULLY! Showing off his power over a tiny cat, not amusing, not funny, not clever. I feel so sorry for that cat in his clutches. Sometimes I hate humans.

  6. WHAT THE H_LL!!!
    I can hardly believe that anyone would EVER want to deactivate a kitten. Their energy and playfulness are all a part of what makes then so adorable.

  7. How well you know me Michael ;0
    If I saw someone in real life doing it they would be unconscious alright after I’d finished with them!

  8. HOW b****Y CRUEL! 🙁 Poor little kitten only doing what kittens do and a big BULLY comes along and overpowers the poor little soul.
    The only one scruffing any cat or kitten apart from in emergency should be mother cats.
    I’d like to put a GIANT peg on his scruff (or better still somewhere else where it would cause him a lot of pain)

    • I knew you’d hate it 😉 It is an abuse of the cat because the whole purpose is to create something that entertains people. There is no other reason for doing it. That seems wrong to me.

      Yes, if you hit a man very hard on the chin he falls over unconscious. It is a standard medical reaction. Or direct the blow a bit lower down and he doubles up and screams in pain…..

    • I agree – this is not funny – it’s actually mean really – at the expense of a little kitten for humans to laugh at. Although what he does is not exactly harmful it is just a blatant display of how humans look at animals, which is often as entertainment.

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