How To Deactivate A Kitten

Is this OK? I don’t think it is because it is being done for human consumption and not by the mother for natural reasons. But that is just me. I respect other people’s views.

"Deactivating" a Kitten
“Deactivating” a Kitten
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It is activating the kitten’s natural response when being picked up by mother when moving her kittens. We all know that once the mother gently places her mouth around the loose skin of the back of the kitten’s neck, the kitten goes limp to facilitate the move.

In this gif movie the person places a clothes peg (clothespin – US) in exactly the same place and the kitten immediately goes limp. It is startling. It is like pressing the off button on a machine.

Note: a gif type movie is simply a series of still images knitted together on a computer to create a mini-movie. They self-run over and over again and you have no control over it. “Gif” refers to the image format type.


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  1. Thats terrible! How awful to mess with nature like that! Some idiot thinking they are clever and yes it only seems to be for a minute or so but what is really he left that poor little kitten like that for ages? I don’t like it one bit 🙁


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