How To Draw a Cat

There is only one place (in practice) where we should look for information on how to draw a cat and that is YouTube. Then we need a good subject and that could be a live one or one of Helmi Flick’s photographs on this site! Why not? Then I’ll look at some books on drawing, try searching at Amazon for that. Then a pile of practice.

The first video is a way, I think of copying, by drawing, a photograph of a cat in small stages. It is very precise and almost certain to produce a decent drawing as it breaks down the image into sections, so scaling is accurate and the detail accurate too. It is drawing by numbers in a way but I would have thought a great place to start to get a feel for the process:

The next video is so relaxing to watch I am not sure that I was watching how to draw a cat but it is a great video. The artist draws on paper first and then uses that as a template for a digital drawing. Well that is how I saw it, anyway. It is a good one, a very good one:

The next video is also very relaxing again. It must be me! This guy draws in Chinese brush (I think). It is a kind of water color drawing. Actually, I think it is Sumi-e Chinese Brush Painting. Although, I am not completely sure what you call it, but it certainly gives an idea and a feel of how to draw a cat in this way:

In the next video we are back to straight ordinary drawing and once again there is talent on display. Personally, I don’t know how these guys get the scaling and proportions so right – must be practice:

Here is a nice one for kids. Also, you know, we don’t have to make art the complicated way. Sometimes the simplest of drawings are better than the most complex, provided and this is a big provided, they are good, elegant and well designed:

The following video is by the same talented person or people who drew the cat in pencil and then using a computer, only this time it is a lion and it is a WOW again. Great stuff and talent and this is how to draw a cat:

The next video is probably the best. It is by a self taught Canadian lady who has been drawing all her life. I can’t embed the video here as she has forbidden it. I would, though, have a look around her YouTube home page (channel) as there is a lot of stuff there from which to learn from:

Video link: Drawing a Cougar

Sycra’s Art Videos – Channel link

Finally a video, not from YouTube but a good one nonetheless:

Drawing A Cat – Funny bloopers R us

That then is how to draw a cat at YouTube. How about books etc.? Well, here is a link to a website where you can get some instruction in how to draw a cat:

  1. She recommends drawing from a photograph, probably because it is easier, particularly for the less experienced. The photo should show the cat well lit and in a straightforward pose. The equipment she uses is:
  2. A range of pencils — F, B, 2B, 4B, 6B, lightweight hot pressed watercolor paper, blu-tack (removable poster adhesive) or kneadable eraser, paper stump, eraser.
  3. Scan and print or just print the photograph and trace the key points on the image from that.
  4. Place areas of light and dark tone on the traced image. This is where you look at the photograph and look for shadow and highlights and draw those in. This is not about drawing lines for detail, however.
  5. The mid-tones are then shaded in using a B pencil and the edges smudged using the blending stump.
  6. Shading is added to the cat’s body and background. The whiskers are defined and the eyes shaded with a highlight drawn in.
  7. Next comes adding detail carefully including the fur and the muzzle at the base of the whiskers, for example.
  8. The drawing can be finished with the addition of more fur texture (short strokes against the direction of fur growth) and adding more detail where required plus some tone to the backgroun d.

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