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How to get rid of the smell of cat pee from carpet?

It is relatively straightfoward nowadays to get rid of the smell of cat pee from carpet and underlay. Of course in getting rid of the smell you are getting rid of the urine. It is the same objective. There are some key issues to bear in mind. If it is not pee caused by cystitis, which stays on the surface because it is in small quantities, the pee would have passed through the carpet to the foam underlay and also to the floorboards. Therefore cleaning the carpet is not enough. You have to get deep down. Secondly, in order to achieve this you need to use an enzyme cleaner which changes the chemical composition of cat pee. In doing this it eliminates it. The enzymes break down the uric acid to carbon dioxide and ammonia.

Cat pee odour remover. Note: I am not paid to promote this product. It is one of many similar products.

Enzyme cleaners

Please read all the instructions before use and follow them 🙂 . There are many cat pee removers on the market which use enzymes. I am not paid to promote any items but a Google search produces Unique Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator (lucky them). As you can see it is an American product. There will be British equivalents.

If the peeing occurred very recently, I’d blot the area to remove excess pee first. Then I’d use the Unique product per the instructions (or a similar product which is known to be effective). As mentioned, ammonia is produced when using the product.

The product is a concentrate which you dilute with warm water. The water should not be hot as it kills the bacteria in the product. We are told that the product contains enzymes to change the chemical composition of cat pee and bacteria which eats up the end product.

The liquid should be carefully poured over the area but not to excess. This allows it to seep down to the floorboards. This must be critical in order to remove all the smell. Cat pee smell is horrendously persistent. It can feel like it is impossible to remove. But it will be removed if you follow the instructions carefully. You may have to repeat the process in bad cases.


Cat urine remover also comes in sprays. I don’t think a spray is suitable for a carpet as it won’t get deep down. Unless, as mentioned above, the pee is on the surface because it was deposited in a very small quantity as happens when a cat has cystitis. When a domestic cat has cystitis they pee small amounts of sometimes bloody pee on carpets and other areas. You’ll need to see a vet about this.


Of course you’ll also need to ask why your cat is peeing on the carpet. There are millions of internet pages on this topic. The most obvious reason is because your cat is stressed due to various reasons. In other words there is a psychological issue which is within the management of the cat’s guardian (see some examples below).

Car seats

Taking a cat to a vet in a carrier can lead to cat pee in and on the car seats. This is because a cat will be stressed and perhaps pee in the carrier. The pee leaks from the carrier to the car seat. The pee soaks in. The only way to remove it is as described above.


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